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Breaking News: Puppy Interrupts Live TV Segment And Makes Everyone’s Day!

“I hereby nominate this for best video of 2021.” Those are our sentiments exactly!

Just as this YouTube comment implies, in 2021 a report aired on FOX 5 with just about the cutest breaking news we’ve ever seen. Reporter Bob Barnard was live in Leesburg, Virginia, providing information about local weather conditions when a pup arrived on the scene and stole the show.

Prior to the adorable guest appearance, Bob had been leading his news photographer, Indira LeVine, down the street, chatting with neighbors and scraping ice off their cars.

But in true Bob Barnard fashion, he was quick to halt what he was doing and roll with the punches when the attention suddenly turned to the precious pooch.

“What do ya know?” he said, picking the dog up. “Forget the people we talked to earlier! I want to get to know this dog.”

The canine in question is a puppy named Pierogi – yep, like the Polish dumpling! Of course, the FOX hosts couldn’t contain their laughter as Bob bonded with his new best friend.

Steve Chenevey joked, “We have now expanded the business to Bob’s ice-scraping and kennel service.”

To which Bob replied: “Life is good. I wouldn’t charge for this. This is a freebie!”

Finally, Pierogi’s human emerged from her home and came to relieve Bob of his doggy-day-care duties. She explained that the sneaky puppy had escaped and jumped over the gate.

To Pierogi’s dismay, her television spotlight soon ended as she was escorted back to her home. But she’d clearly already left her mark and made everyone’s day, especially Bob’s!

As one person commented online, “This guy is just a magnet for wholesome experiences.”

To that we say: Thank you, Bob, never change! See the cuteness for yourself in the video below, and share this story to brighten someone’s day.

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