25 Precious Puppies Who Are Here To Steal Your Heart

National Puppy Day is March 23, which means today is basically the best day of the year!


The celebration was started back in 2006 as a way to recognize the cute, furry little pups who fill our lives with so much love and laughter. Even better, it’s a time to promote animal adoption and raise awareness about the dangers of irresponsible breeding. You can celebrate National Puppy Day by volunteering at a local shelter, adopting your next best friend, or tagging your own fur baby’s pictures with #NationalPuppyDay!

1. In case you need incentive to participate in National Puppy Day…

2. Meet some of the cutest puppers that have ever pupped!

3. We can almost hear the sweet little sounds they make.

4. And smell that puppy breath!

5. Puppies range in size from 1-3 pounds to 15-23 pounds at birth, depending on their breed.

6. Puppies are born deaf and blind. These senses develop about two weeks after birth!

7. When they’re newborns, they sleep for up to 16 hours each day.

8. They get their first baby teeth when they’re about 4 weeks old.

9. How many puppies a dog has in each litter depends on the breed.

10. The biggest litter ever was 24 pups. What a strong mama!

11. Puppies love (and need!) to chew.

12. So the dog really will eat your homework if you leave it unattended.

13. In fact, author John Steinbeck’s puppy Toby ate two months’ worth of work on his “Of Mice and Men” manuscript.

14. It’s a good thing Toby was so cute. Steinbeck wasn’t even all that mad.

15. Puppies tend to get away with a lot, thanks to their cuteness!

16. Who could stay mad at these faces?

17. Besides, they’ll grow up to be big boys and girls soon enough.

18. Let’s just enjoy everything about them during this brief puppy phase.

19. Puppies like being with their humans, too. It’s been scientifically proven!

20. Speaking of science, did you know looking at pictures of puppies is good for you?

21. A Japanese study proved looking at cute animals makes us more productive.

22. Not to mention more relaxed.

23. Approximately 1.6 million shelter dogs are adopted every year.

24. Many of them are puppies!

25. Adopting from a shelter guarantees you’ll save a life – and makes you part of the solution, not the problem.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and pet some dogs today! What better way is there to celebrate National Puppy Day?

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