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10 Amazing Dads Who Always Go Above And Beyond For Their Kids

In honor of Black History Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the Black fathers who are absolutely crushing it!

All the dads in the stories below are going to great lengths to raise strong, independent, intelligent young people. They’re using their unique life experiences to instill excellent values in their kids, and we want to take a moment to recognize their efforts.

1. Dad challenges his infant son to a rap battle.

Brandon Thomas is a rap artist, but his greatest contribution to music so far is the sweet “rap battle” he did with his son, 5-month-old Quentin. While Brandon had the better rhymes, Quentin wins everything with his absolutely adorable giggle.

2. Creative dad designs over 200 unique outfits to boost his daughter’s confidence!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dad Michael Gardner started designing clothing for his daughter Ava when she was just 3 years old. He originally did so to boost her confidence, but years later, he’s turned his self-taught sewing skills into an entire fashion line!

3. Dad has amazing reaction when son makes the middle school basketball team.

“Dad, I made the team,” 12-year-old Kaiden told his dad, Dr. T-Shaka Coverson as he woke up from a nap. Once he processed the good news, T-Shaka jumped out of bed and had an epic freak-out to celebrate his son’s big accomplishment.

4. Trainer dad freaks out when daughter nails a lift at the gym.

James Townsend has been working with his two daughters, Freya Ann and Prisais Brooklyn, since they took their first steps. So when 4-year-old Freya Ann finally nailed a 15-pound deadlift, James couldn’t stop cheering… and we still can’t stop smiling!

5. Single dad adopts five siblings to keep them all together.

Robert Carter was 12 years old when he and his eight siblings were sent to separate foster homes. The trauma made a lasting impact on him, so as an adult, he signed up to become a foster parent. When he found out his kids had two other siblings, he knew what he had to do.

6. Dad jumps in puddle to make his sweet daughter laugh.

When your adorable toddler asks you to jump in a puddle with her, you don’t ask questions – you just jump!

7. Single dad adopts 13-year-old who was abandoned twice.

Peter Mutabazi was born into poverty in Uganda. Abused and abandoned, he grew up and made a vow to help other impoverished children find a better life. He’d fostered 12 kids already when he met Tony, a child who was abandoned by his family not once, but twice.

8. Dad breaks down when he drops his son off at college.

Eighteen-year-old Nasir may have been ready to start college at Valdosta State University in Georgia, but his dad, Kenneth Mohammed, wasn’t so sure! When it was time to drop him off, Kenneth broke down in the sweetest way possible.

9. Dad shares what he wishes he knew before fatherhood.

Mental health professional and vlogger Kier Gaines doles out wisdom on his website, Kier & Them. In a video he shared on Instagram, he gives advice to anyone considering starting a family, and his words are powerful.

10. Dad has perfect response when his son asks for a new Xbox.

Mark Arrington of Florida strives to teach his kids valuable lessons based on everyday life experiences. So when his 11-year-old son Markell asked for a new Xbox to replace his broken one, Mark said yes… but only if Markell was willing to work for it!

These dads are showing us all how parenting is done! Share their stories to spread their love and wisdom even further.

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