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15 Purr-Fect Cats Who Will Steal Your Heart In An Instant

Cats are one of the most popular companion animals out there. In the U.S. alone, about 25.4 percent of all households have at least one feline! We’d say that’s a pretty good start.

As if we needed another reason to love on our favorite kitties, June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day! We’re celebrating by sharing these 15 purr-fect stories with you.

1. Chatty cat has cutest conversations with his favorite human.

When Javier adopted a fluffy orange cat named Kermit, he had no idea he was about to meet the cutest, most talkative roommate ever.

2. Woman spots two-legged rescue cat online and now he’s living the dream.

A shelter was worried they wouldn’t be able to find a suitable home for a two-legged cat named Rexie Roo. Thankfully, animal lover Cairistiona was more than up for the task of loving her little T. rex.

3. Stray mama cat takes her sick babies to the hospital and checks them in.

Like any good mother, a stray cat in Turkey knew instinctively that there was something wrong with her babies. Instead of waiting for help to arrive, the intrepid mama picked them up and carried them to the hospital herself.

4. Lost cat teams up with hikers to summit 10,000-foot mountain peak.

Two men who were hiking up a 10,000-foot mountain in Switzerland couldn’t believe it when they heard a tiny meow in the dark. Next thing they knew, they had the cutest hiking companion around!

5. Shy rescue cat learns to “fly” after finally meeting the perfect human.

Foster mom Samantha didn’t think she was “a cat person,” but a shy shelter cat named Anya changed her mind. Now, Anya has come out of her shell, so much so that she’s jumping for joy.

6. Bengal cat won’t stop interrupting actor’s audition video and it’s hilarious.

Actor Wesley Ryan was trying to make an at-home audition tape when his Bengal cat called Odie decided to totally upstage him.

7. Cat hitches rides on shy dog’s back and now they’re best friends.

Samson is a medical response service dog who takes his job very seriously. He didn’t have much interest in playing with other dogs, but when they added a cat to their family, Samson’s daily life got a lot happier.

8. Strangers become pen pals thanks to Billy the roaming postcat.

Billy the cat became an unofficial mail carrier during London’s novel coronavirus pandemic lockdown. It all started when he came home one night with a tiny note attached to his collar.

9. When foster kitten won’t stop crying, violinist finds sweetest way to comfort her.

When a classical violinist adopted a shelter kitty named Rémila, the kitten was so clingy that she couldn’t figure out how to practice her instrument. Esther pulled out a fanny pack from her closet and voilà! Instant kitten bliss!

10. Man converts crawl space into tiny bedroom for his rescue cat and we’re obsessed.

Space is at a premium in Bryan Davies’ tiny home, but that didn’t stop him from carving out a corner for his cat. It turned into an amazing living space for little Wyatt, which, quite honestly, is nicer than our first apartment.

11. Two cats have cutest reaction when dad brings home giant ball pit.

Indy and Santi are two pampered cats with a huge YouTube following. Just when we thought they couldn’t get any more adorable, their dad ordered 500 bouncy balls to give them their very own ball pit.

12. Doting cat steps up to help grandpa through cancer treatments.

John Nugent was fighting cancer when his daughter Kelly moved in with her two cats. It didn’t take long before her Scottish fold named Sweet Potato became John’s biggest fan – and unofficial support animal.

13. Cat who lives in rock climbing gym makes reaching the top look like a piece of cake.

Lalah lives in the Boulbaka Bouldering Gym in Japan, where she routinely shows up the paying customers with her insane climbing skills.

14. Paralyzed cat learns to walk and now has the cutest little strut.

Jessica Ruf only meant to foster a partially-paralyzed cat named Renley, but once she saw how tenacious he was, she knew he was already home. With lots of love and physical therapy, Jessica was able to help get Renley get back on his feet.

15. Cat and horse become best friends and now they go on rides together!

Morris the cat and Champy the horse are the best of friends. In fact, Morris insists on starting every day with a horseback ride around the paddock.

Cats make such wonderful additions to our families! They’re smart, cute, and oh-so-adorable. What’s not to like?

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