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Cat Who Lives In Rock Climbing Gym Makes Reaching The Top Look Like A Piece Of Cake.

Cats are naturally good at climbing things, but a cat named Lalah has reached new heights in bouldering.

Lalah was taken in as a stray by Mitsuru Goan in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Mitsuru owns and operates Boulbaka Bouldering Gym, where Nalah joined another former stray as full time residents.


Lalah has a pretty sweet set up at Boulbaka and gets lots of love and attention from the patrons. She’s even been known to slip into people’s gym bags for a snooze while they’re working out, and Mitsuru warns everyone to check their bags to make sure she’s not stowing away!

Lalah is a young, active cat who spends a lot of time climbing, jumping, and playing. She can even climb the gym’s 16-foot-high rope and reach the top! But after watching gym patrons climbing the rock wall day after day, Lalah wanted to try the big wall herself.


She started small by climbing small ladders and ropes, but as she got bigger she moved on to larger climbing surfaces. Gym members love to watch her climb and offer her words of encouragement and lots of affectionate pats as a reward.

Once she reached her full adult stature Lalah was finally brave enough to climb the gym’s largest bouldering wall, and Mitsuru was there with his camera to capture it all. Lalah thoughtfully plotted her moves on the wall with such practiced ease that she makes it look simple, but those of us who’ve attempted to rock climb can assure you it’s not easy at all!


Lalah is proof that practice makes perfect! The way she deftly navigates the rock wall is very impressive, and she’s clearly having a wonderful time doing it. Seems like this stray cat found the perfect home at Boulbaka Bouldering Gym!

Watch Lalah climbing the rock wall in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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