Paralyzed Cat Learns To Walk And Now Has The Cutest Little Strut.

Jessica Ruf is an animal lover who has a permanent place in her heart for kittens and animals with special needs. She serves as a foster parent to cats and dogs alike, so when her veterinary friend reached out to her about a kitten with paralysis, she didn’t hesitate to take him in.


When Renley arrived, his back legs weren’t working and the cause was unknown. After all his X-rays came back normal, the vet determined he must have a viral infection. That meant he might ultimately learn to walk one day, but he would have to work hard at it.

When Jessica first met little Renley, she planned to be his foster mom until he started feeling better, but it didn’t take long for him to steal her heart! After all, she said the way he dragged his tiny feet along as he scooted across the floor was “just so sweet.”

In addition to acupuncture therapy, Renley went through physical therapy with Jessica’s help. She made sure he worked on bicycle kicks and assisted him with walking to help him regain his muscle strength.

After plenty of hard work, Renley began walking all on his own! While he has a bit of a funny strut, it doesn’t seem to bother him. Not to mention, it makes him especially endearing as he walks around without any problems.

Jessica soon realized she couldn’t resist parting with him, so she decided to adopt him and make him an official part of her family. Watching him overcome so many obstacles has taught her about determination and strength, and now she can’t picture life without him!

Congratulations, Renley! We’re so glad you found the perfect forever family and are living your best life!

Check out his sweet walk in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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