Shy Rescue Cat Learns To “Fly” After Finally Meeting The Perfect Human.

Rescue pets often need time to adjust to life in a new home. That’s why it’s so important for their human parents to give them what they need to fully relax and find their place.

When a woman named Samantha decided to welcome homeless pets into her life as a foster mom, she assumed she would be hosting dogs. Instead, the shelter sent her a young, shy cat named Anya.

Samantha said she “was never a cat person,” but that didn’t stop her from forming an instant bond with the quiet feline! She gave Anya as much room to get used to her surroundings as she could, and little by little, the kitty got brave enough to come out of her shell. In fact, Samantha knew the exact moment she felt comfortable because that was the day Anya learned to fly!

“I gave her time to trust me,” Samantha explained. “I had a feeling that she would open up to me, and then all of a sudden, she just jumped on my shoulder.”

While Samantha’s back was turned, Anya leaped from the kitchen table and landed right on her. At first, Samantha thought it was a fluke, but it quickly became apparent that Anya loves to fly — as long as she has a safe place to land!

Over the next few weeks, Samantha saw Anya blossom. They grew closer with each passing day, and the moment Samantha returned from work, Anya was by her side demanding cuddles.

“To watch her transform from this shy cat that was so scared to someone who runs this house and practically runs me,” Samantha added with a laugh. “Taking care of her helps me take better care of myself.”

When the shelter called to tell Samantha they’d found a permanent home for her foster pet, she realized she’d grown too fond of Anya to let her go. “She is my cat,” she said simply. She turned down the placement and adopted Anya herself, and now they do everything together!

We love a good “foster failure,” and this one has the added bonus of a flying cat! These days, Anya jumps onto Samantha’s shoulder on command. Not a bad trick for a formerly shy kitty!

Watch Anya soar through the air in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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