Cat And Horse Become Best Friends And Now They Go On Rides Together!

For the past seven years, a cat named Morris has greeted each new day the same way.

Much to his human’s annoyance, he insists on heading out of their nice, warm house at the crack of dawn so he can join his best friend in the paddock for a morning ride. Oh, did we mention that his BFF just so happens to be a horse?

Jennifer Boyle is the proud pet parent of Morris the cat and Champy the horse. She has worked in equine rescue in Australia for years, yet in all that time, she has never seen a relationship like the one that developed effortlessly between these very different animals.

“I found Morris at a rescue shelter, and when I brought him home, Champy insisted on becoming his best buddy,” Jennifer explained. “Morris jumped up on his back and he happily took him for rides around the paddock. Now it’s become their morning ritual.”

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Check out their heartwarming friendship in the 15 adorable photos below!

1. Morris’ favorite way to hop on is a fence post his human has dubbed “the bus stop.”

2. When Champy sees Morris at the bus stop, he heads right over to say hello.

3. “They often greet each other before Morris jumps on. Champy is a very friendly bus.”

4. Morris loves to watch the sunrise from his favorite spot.

5. Even cooler temperatures don’t keep Morris from his morning ride.

6. There’s always time for extra snuggles and kisses throughout the day.

7. Morris could not look more comfortable atop Champy’s back!

8. Jennifer loves to share pictures of the two besties with her large social media following.

9. More than 40,000 people flock to see their loving relationship!

10. The world just can’t get enough of their matching outfits.

11. Not to mention, they’re giving us all serious #relationshipgoals.

12. Morris is Champy’s constant companion throughout the day.

13. They love any reason to dress up!

14. There’s pretty much nothing Morris can’t do while sitting on his BFF’s back.

15. This dynamic duo is just too cute!

Talk about a match made in heaven! We can’t imagine two cuter best friends to have hanging around the yard. Jennifer is one lucky lady!

Take a look at their special bus stop in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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