15 Goofy Pups Who Have Everyone Asking, “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

Dogs are natural comedians who never fail to bring a smile to our face.


Perhaps we get along with our canine companions so well because they really seem to have personality traits that are similar to our own. Some pups are stoic and serious, while others are… definitely not.

1. On Reddit, there’s an entire page for people to share images of their dogs behaving strangely.

2. It’s called “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

3. All of the photos feature dogs doing their thing, no matter how strange and unusual that “thing” might be.

4. “He really loves digging.” Uh, ya think? We couldn’t tell!

5. They thought they adopted a dog, but then he morphed into a baby hippo.

6. “My vet sent me this from my dog’s checkup today.”

7. Optical illusion puppy says hi.

8. “Made a friend, being extremely cool and normal about it.”

9. His BFF doesn’t say much, but on the bright side, he never tries to steal the pup’s food.

10. We’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

11. “Anyone know what plant this is?”

12. They installed a video camera to see what their dog does all day. They were not disappointed.

13. “Just a girl and her electrical outlet cover. No matter how many times we put this in the tool bag, she always picks it back out. Never tries to do anything to it; just holds it and sleeps with it.”

14. There’s room for everyone!

15. “Thought we were going for a walk, ending up going for a climb.”

These cuties may be oddballs, but we love them anyway. In fact, we think they’re even cuter when their unique quirks are on full display, just like humans!

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