15 Legendary Moms Who Will Steal Your Heart In An Instant

There are few people who are more deserving of gratitude, celebration, and infinite spa days than moms.


From our first steps to our first dates and everything in between, our moms are there through it all. Sometimes they even bring baked goods, wisdom, pom-poms, or a shoulder to cry on along with them! They are our superheroes, role models, first lines of defense, and support systems, and they deserve to be thrown a party every single day.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, we decided there could be no better way to celebrate the joy, strength, and courage of motherhood than by sharing 15 of our favorite moms with you!

1. This is your principal: Mom.

With so much at-home learning during the pandemic, Deb Plafker decided to take this challenge as an opportunity to thrive. She adopted the absolutely hilarious role of “Principal Mom” at her 17-year-old son’s new “at-home high school,” and we are rolling!

2. Sandy adopted her nephew, and it changed both their lives forever.

Sandy was suffering from a toxic relationship, while her nephew Robert was also experiencing trauma in a drug-addicted household. So she made the decision to leave her relationship and take on the role of mom, adopting her nephew as her very own son. As Sandy puts it, he saved her life!

3. Mom fell down in tears when her daughter received her college acceptance letter.

According to Janeah, her mom has been her rock while she’s been grinding away at school with dreams of college. So when Janeah found out she’d been accepted – with a full scholarship – her mom responded with the best, most heartfelt reaction ever!

4. When Ariel Chu needs a new dress, she just asks her “real-life fairy grandmother.”

Ariel found her dream dress for an upcoming work event, but when she realized it was above her price range, she turned to the best seamstress she knows: Ama, her 86-year-old grandma. When Ama completed the gown, it was so stunning that the video of her process immediately went viral!

5. A mom working on the front lines had the sweetest reunion with her two daughters.

Suzie Vaughan is a frontline worker who, at the beginning of the pandemic, had to spend nine weeks away from her daughters while they stayed with her sister Charlotte. After so many weeks apart, their surprise reunion was the best thing ever!

6. Mama bear plays the part of a raft to swim her three cubs to safety.

Ain’t no bear stronger than a mama bear! On Lake Chippewa in Wisconsin, one mama bear was willing to risk her own life to carry her cubs to safety. She swam across the water like a raft with her three cubs in tow!

7. Phenomenal mom shaves her head in solidarity with her daughter.

To get ahead of the effects of chemotherapy, this mom was shaving her daughter’s head after she was diagnosed with cancer. Then all of a sudden, in a next-level display of love, the mom shaved her own head, too.

8. This mother-son duo whipped out a powerful duet of “Rise Up.”

U.K. singer-songwriter Jordan Rabjohn is well-known on the internet for his performance videos. In one particularly special duet, he brought his mom in to join him. Performing a cover of “Rise Up” by Andra Day, their vocal pairing was so powerful, it wowed audiences across the world.

9. Single mom proves “love has no color” with her three adopted children.

Treka Engleman always knew she was meant for motherhood. So in 2016, she moved out of her sister’s home and found a two-bedroom apartment so she could be a foster parent. Nearly five years later, she has adopted three of her former foster children, and life couldn’t be any sweeter!

10. This mom taught her toddler how to self-soothe, and it might be the most impressive thing ever.

Kayla McDowell began teaching her toddler how to self-soothe the minute he turned 2 years old, and we all got to see her methods in action as she caught the moment on video. Her techniques are so effective, we just might need to try them out for ourselves.

11. News anchor shares a powerful message on being an occasional “hot mess.”

Fox17 morning news anchor Deanna Falzone keeps busy every day taking care of two kids while still waking up at 3 a.m. for work. But when she arrived to work one day looking particularly out of whack, she took to social media to remind women everywhere that nobody is perfect.

12. Incredible empty nesters adopted seven siblings who lost their parents to a car crash.

After raising their five biological children, Pam and Gary Willis thought they were ready to settle down. But then they saw a story about seven kids who lost their parents in a car crash, and they didn’t give up until those seven children became their seven children!

13. This mom finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney.

Ever since she was a little girl growing up in Nigeria, Evelyn Uba has dreamed of becoming an attorney. After putting off her studies for nearly 20 years due to financial troubles and raising her own family, she finally got her law degree in 2011. After 10 more years of studying, she passed the bar exam and is now a licensed attorney!

14. Mom’s daily affirmations with her 3-year-old are encouraging people around the world.

Every morning as she’s fixing her daughter’s hair, Tiania Haneline makes sure to instill confidence and self-love in her little one, Scarlett Gray Smith, through positive affirmations. Her incredible mantras are building up her entire online community along the way.

15. Bride shares precious first look with her husband – and her 9-year-old stepson!

Rebekah Seabolt knew her wedding day wasn’t just about marrying her now-husband Tyler; it was also about becoming a forever family with his son Jude! So she and Tyler decided to include the 9-year-old in their “first look” moment, and his emotional reaction melted everyone’s hearts!

We can’t get enough of celebrating all these amazing moms and their incredible stories! We’re sending lots of love to all the mothers out there today!

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