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3-Yr-Old Practices Daily Affirmations With Mom In Adorable Home Videos.

Scarlett Gray Smith of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, doesn’t need anyone to tell her she’s kind, smart, or beautiful. That’s because she already knows it herself!

At 3 years old, the little girl is already bursting with confidence thanks to her mom, Tiania Haneline, who planted the seed of self-love in her daughter early on.

The mother and daughter spend quality time together every day while Tiania styles Scarlett’s hair. But Tiania doesn’t just help Scarlett look her best – she teaches her how to feel her best. Together, they practice positive affirmations, with Scarlett repeating phrases after her mom, including, “I am beautiful”, “I am strong”, and “I am loved.”

Tiania has taken to sharing these adorable sessions on TikTok and Instagram, hoping to brighten people’s days while also encouraging other parents to do the same with their kids. She has since inspired thousands, many of whom thank her for instilling so much confidence in her daughter. And, of course, they can’t get enough of this cutie!

Tiania’s affirmations also focus specifically on Scarlett’s brown skin, eyes, and curls to help her embrace her black identity. She looks different than her mom, but Tiania wants her to know she’s just as beautiful!

“I just want Scarlett to always have these affirmations instilled in her character so she will always be confident,” the mom of three told PopSugar. “I want her to know that her curls are gorgeous no matter what anyone says.”

Scarlett couldn’t ask for a better mom! Tiania’s words will shape her into a strong, self-assured woman who knows she can accomplish anything! And that’s an incredible gift to give.

Join this sweet pair for another round of affirmations in the video below, and be sure to repeat after them! Share with other parents who’d love to do this with their children!

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