Woman Shares Inspiring Story Of How Adopting Her Nephew Saved Her Life.

Sandy never knew how much she needed her nephew, Robert, until she made a choice that changed – and saved – her life.


Both had been suffering in toxic situations when they were brought together. But as Sandy told Humans of New York, they healed each other in a way nothing else could.

For three years, Sandy’s boyfriend, a drug addict, put her through a seemingly never-ending cycle of abuse. Then, one phone call broke the cycle forever.

“It was my mother, and she told me that my sister had been pulled over by the police,” Sandy wrote. “She was battling a drug addiction of her own. They found empty needles all over her car, and my two-year-old nephew Robert was placed into foster care. From that moment on–all I could think about was getting him back.”

Bringing Robert home would be an uphill battle, but Sandy was ready to face each challenge, no matter how difficult. With her mother’s help, she rented a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco she couldn’t afford. She also took an eight-week certification course. And because her boyfriend had a criminal record, she knew she had to do what was best for her nephew.

“So I had to make a decision: him or Robert. And I chose Robert, she continued. “I officially became his foster parent in October of 2018. Ever since then I’ve been focused on his healing. He can’t verbalize yet. Sometimes he has tantrums and I just need to hold him tight. He’s been through a lot of trauma– so he needs me. But I needed him too.”

Even though their new life hasn’t been easy, Sandy wouldn’t trade it for anything. Fortunately, her family has stepped up to help her with rent. And she doesn’t have to worry about her or Robert’s safety, anymore.

“Everyone is under a lot of stress. But it’s a lot of peace too. I’m not walking around on eggshells anymore. I’m not terrified of being alone. I’m enjoying my solitude. Last June I got baptized, and I feel like I’m becoming a new person. My life has a purpose now. Robert’s adoption went through on March 10th. So I’m officially his mother.”

But her inspiring story didn’t end there. In an incredibly generous act, Humans of New York announced it would pay a year’s worth of rent on Sandy’s apartment!

Kindness also came from readers looking to give Robert all the support he needs to be successful in school. While Sandy and Robert weren’t always treated as such, it’s obvious people care about them – including strangers!

Thank you Sandy, for being the mother Robert needs. We hope you both enjoy your new life together. We’re so happy you have each other!

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