NHS Worker Has Sweetest Reunion With Daughters After 9 Wks On Front Lines.

Grab a tissue or three because this is one of the sweetest reunions we’ve seen! Charlotte Savage of Norfolk, England, has been caring for her two nieces while their mom, Suzie Vaughan, works on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Suzie, an NHS operating department practitioner in an intensive care unit, hasn’t been able to see her little ones for nine long weeks. She even had to spend her birthday away, working a 12-hour shift at Queen Elizabeth Hospital instead.


“We had said it was only going to be for a maximum of a month, but nobody knew at the beginning of this how it was going to go,” Suzie said. “It was a hard decision to make. I just had to think to myself it was to keep them safe and I was so worried in case I was bringing something back.â€

As circumstances in the U.K. are slowly improving, Suzie was finally able to surprise 9-year-old Bella and 7-year-old Hettie while they were sitting on Charlotte’s patio watching a show.

Charlotte captured the emotional moment on camera, and it’s just beautiful!


In a video, we see Suzie creep up behind the girls. They don’t notice her at all, so she eventually says, “What are we watching?”

As soon as they recognize her voice, they whip around to see if she’s really there. The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless! They go from shocked to delighted and start crying tears of joy in a matter of seconds. We’re right there with them!


“It was amazing to see them again, I missed the girls terribly,” Suzie said. “When they started crying, I felt so bad but so relieved I was back with them.â€

The heartwarming video went viral almost immediately, which comes as no surprise. This family has sacrificed so much for their community during this difficult time, and no one can get enough of their joy!

Suzie said the girls have been sticking to her like glue ever since she arrived. “Now they won’t let me out of their sight,” she added. “When I put them to bed, they said, ‘Am I dreaming, mummy?’”


The awesome mom will spend the next week with her girls before they return to school and she goes back to work. While she’ll still be at the hospital, they have more PPE available and are seeing fewer COVID-19 patients coming in, so it will be safer.

Now that they’re viral video stars, Suzie is encouraging everyone to remain vigilant to keep each other safe.

“There are so many people making sacrifices, and until you experience it yourself you don’t always appreciate what has gone out,”she said. “To see people suffer the way I have had to see patients suffer, I wish people could see the other side of it and think of other people.â€


We are so thankful for all the health care workers like Suzie around the world. We can’t wait to see more joyful reunions like this!

Watch the moving homecoming in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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