Bride Shares Tear-Jerking 1st Look With 9-Yr-Old Stepson And Our Hearts Are Melting.

When Rebekah Seabolt got engaged to her now-husband Tyler, she knew she was not only promising to love him forever, but also his son Jude!


As soon as the 9-year-old heard his dad and Rebekah were going to tie the knot in June, he was thrilled. The feeling was mutual for the bride-to-be, so she came up with a perfect way to make her son feel special and included!

Instead of having a first look with just Tyler, Rebekah pulled Jude in too!

Photographer Ashah Smith captured the touching moment when he spotted Rebekah in her wedding dress and his jaw dropped in delight.

It didn’t take long for the little boy to break down! Of course, Jude wasn’t the only one in tears. His heartwarming reaction had Rebekah crying with him.

“Seeing Jude’s emotions all over his face when he saw me for the first time pulled all of my heart strings,” Rebekah said. “I’m so honored to help raise this boy with his Daddy!”

The emotional moment didn’t end there! During the couple’s engagement, Jude had asked several times if he would be getting a ring like his dad. So before the big day, Rebekah ordered a rose gold band etched with the words “forever family” and the wedding date.

She presented the ring to Jude during the photo shoot, and his stunned face said everything!

“Right after he saw me for the first time, I explained to him what I got for him, and he was so excited to have a ‘rose gold’ band like his daddy and me,” Rebekah wrote. “He proudly showed that ring to EVERYONE!”

It was the perfect start to their lives together! Knowing how much it meant to Jude has filled Rebekah’s heart with joy.

“Becoming a stepparent is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done … especially for me as I adjust to joining an instant-family during a global pandemic,” she said. “Even though it’s hard, I am incredibly grateful, honored, and humbled to be on this journey with my boys and look forward to the years ahead of making memories and going through life together.”

This has to be one of the best first looks ever! Congratulations, Rebekah, Tyler, and Jude. You look so happy together!

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