Our 10 Favorite Animal Stories Of 2019

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Here at InspireMore, we tell amazing stories every single day, but some of the tales we tell earn a permanent place in our hearts.

Some of our favorite stories involve the four-legged friends who enrich our lives with their humor, bravery, and unconditional love. Below you’ll find 10 of the most heartwarming and inspiring animal stories we featured during 2019.

1. Meet Bear, The Very Good Boy Who Is Rescuing Koalas Trapped In Australia’s Bushfires.


Bear is a border collie-koolie mix whose owners gave him up after he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Thankfully, the people at the University of the Sunshine Coast saw his potential and included him in their Detection Dogs for Conservation project. Now Bear is a hardworking career dog who uses his keen sense of smell to help locate sick, injured, and orphaned koalas! Read more.

2. Edgardo “Perros” Has Spent 6 Yrs Rescuing Dogs In Mexico.

In Mexico, Edgardo Zúñiga Juárez is known simply as “Perros,” which means dogs in Spanish. That’s because six years ago he sold off most of his belongings and began traveling rural areas near the border with his three rescue dogs. On a mission to save animals in need, Edgardo has rescued and found homes for about 500 dogs so far, and he’s not finished yet. Read more.

3. Lion, Tiger, And Bear Become Lifelong Friends After Being Rescued As Cubs.


In 2001, police in Atlanta, Georgia made a horrific discovery in the basement of a drug dealer’s house. Three malnourished and mistreated exotic animal cubs, a black bear, a Bengal tiger, and a female lion, had been trapped in tiny metal cages and subjected to unknown abuse. Once rescued, they were brought to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary to live out the rest of their days in peace.

Although these three predators would never live together in the wild, they’d formed such a tight bond at a young age that they refused to leave one another’s sight. They lived peacefully together for years and would never venture more than 100-feet apart from one another. Read more.

4. Dog Gives Mom Silent Treatment After His 1st Trip To The Dentist.

Dog-mom Bret Mortimer of Salt Lake City, Utah, knew her 2.5-year-old lab mix Fritz wouldn’t enjoy his first trip to the dentist, but she had no idea how hilariously annoyed he’d be with her after she picked him up. The dog sat silently in the passenger seat of her car, and the more she tried to get him to look at her the more he refused to so much as glance in her direction. We’ve never seen such a miffed mutt! Read more.

5. Pregnant Pit Bull Is Positively Glowing In Her Very Own Maternity Shoot.

Enchanted Hills Photography

Mama Pickles is a 2-year-old pregnant pit bull who was found wandering the streets near Fort Mill, South Carolina. When a shelter contacted her owners they were told Mama Pickles wasn’t wanted at home anymore. The good people at Pits & Giggles took her in, and in an effort to help her find her forever home they put together an adorable “maternity photo shoot” that took the internet by storm! Read more.

6. Impatient Baby Kangaroo Has Cutest Way Of Begging For Her Bottle Of Milk.

Like many babies, Sasha gets a little impatient when she’s waiting to be fed. The only difference is that Sasha is a baby kangaroo who lives at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. Instead of simply crying when she’s hungry she’s come up with an absolutely adorable way to get her caregivers’ attention. Read more.

7. Adorably Needy Dog Is The World’s Worst Personal Trainer To Her Dad.


A man named Joe from Connecticut went viral this year after sharing videos of himself working out with his own personal trainer. The only problem is that said personal trainer, his dog Chelsea, tends to hinder his progress rather than help him get in shape! Read more.

8. Dog Reunites With Vet Who Saved His Life & His Reaction Has Us Bawling.

After firefighters found a dog tied to a tree in the midst of a raging fire in a homeless camp, they weren’t sure she would recover from the severe burns that covered her body. “Smokey” was brought to the burn specialists at Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) where she endured many blood transfusions, medicated baths, painful bandage changes, and trips to a hyperbaric chamber.

Dr. Federico Latimer and his team were the ones to help Smokey recover, and along the way, they taught her that not all humans are bad. Read more.

9. Depressed Woman Captures Moment Pit Bull Senses Break Down & Springs Into Action.


Many people rely on therapy dogs to help them get through their days. Eighteen-year-old college student Emma Smallwood shared a video on Twitter of how her dog Luna helps pull her out of her depression and anxiety by sensing when she’s upset and coming to her rescue. You won’t believe how intuitive and kind this animal is when Emma needs her most! Read more.

10. Adorable Home Video Shows 5-Yr-Old Soothing Horse & It’s Melting Everyone’s Hearts.

Samantha Buncher works as a horse trainer at Sky High Equestrian Center in Tomball, Texas. She often brings her horse-obsessed daughter, Lilly Rae, along with her to work. One day Samantha turned around and found Lilly Rae snuggling with Mac, a sweet white horse who’s looking for a new home. The internet positively melted when they saw the way this little girl interacted with the gentle giant. Read more.

Animals really do have a way to bring out the best in people! They truly make the world a nice place to be, and it’s our duty to give back to them any way we can. Here’s to many more wonderful stories about animals and the humans they help and nurture in the coming year.

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