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Adorably Needy Dog Is The World’s Worst Personal Trainer To Her Dad.

chelsea and dad

Finding time in our day to work out is never easy, but it’s always good if you can recruit an exercise buddy or two.

For one 20-something named Joe from Connecticut, his favorite exercise companion/personal trainer happens to be his roommate and best friend, Chelsea. There’s only one little problem; Chelsea is a dog, and she doesn’t really do much to help her owner get his sweat on.


As cute as she may be, Chelsea isn’t really into working out. In fact, she’ll do just about anything to avoid breaking a sweat at all, and when it comes to sharing Joe with his exercise time it’s a solid “no thanks” from her. Every time Joe goes into his designated workout space to go through his circuit of strength training moves the dog follows him in… and not to offer encouragement or count his reps.


No matter what exercise Joe attempts Chelsea is right there, looking to cuddle. She’ll do just about anything to distract her owner from his task, including putting her body directly in the way of his and shedding so much of her body hair that Joe is periodically forced to stop to brush it from his face and beard.


Joe thought Chelsea’s interruptions were so amusing that he started uploading his videos to Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. “My dog forced me to join a gym,” he wrote as a caption to one video. Soon Chelsea’s antics were making people all over the world laugh, with many comparing her level of annoying affection with that of your average cat.

Joe says that before he rescued her Chelsea had in fact been owned by a “cat hoarder,” so he’s not surprised that she’s got a few cat-like characteristics. “She is very affectionate but definitely has some weird quirks and survival instincts,” he wrote on Reddit.


“My camera is always recording,” he explained. “She does funny stuff so often that I kinda feel obligated to share.”

At least he’s got a terrific sense of humor, not to mention a lot of patience when it comes to all of these interruptions! Then again, how could you ever be mad at that face?


“She is the funniest dog I have ever seen,” he added. “I feel so lucky to have her. Glad you enjoy her antics too.”

We definitely do enjoy Chelsea’s antics! This sweet girl is like so many rescue animals; she simply loves her human and wants to be as close to him as possible – at all times. Who could be annoyed by that? Certainly not anyone we’d want to know.

Check out Chelsea as she serves as the world’s worst personal trainer, and don’t forget to share.

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