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Our 10 Most Pawsome, Amoosing, And Unbearably Adorable Animal Stories Of 2022.

horse hugs little girl who was crying, homeless teen hugs dog at shelter

Life with animals is not always easy, but for many of us, we can’t imagine living without them!

Whether they’re pets we keep as companions or one of the millions of wild animals with whom we share our world, we’re always able to learn something new about life, and ourselves, simply by observing their behavior. They’re a wonderful source of love, humor, and inspiration for us all.

Here are our top 10 animal stories of 2022!

1. It took a team of humans more than 20 hours (and countless buckets of water!) to save a 65-foot long whale that beached itself in China.

2. Target shoppers were upset when they saw a dog sitting outside with a sign around his neck, assuming he’d been abandoned. But when they got closer, the truth was so much cuter!

3. Cat who lost her kittens takes it upon herself to “rescue” neglected litter of puppies and care for them as if they were her own.

4. Workers at a construction site pulled out an animal so covered in mud, they couldn’t even tell what species it was! Once they got him cleaned up, the mystery critter was pretty adorable.

5. When a couple in Russia decided to adopt a cat, they wound up with a giant Maine coon cat/house panther who’s now kind of a big deal on the internet.

6. As Ukrainians fled from the Russian invasion, many of them refused to leave without their pawsome friends.

7. Whenever this Queen song comes on, Snowball the cockatoo shows off dance moves that rival Freddie Mercury’s.

8. When an unhoused teen asked the local animal shelter for help with his dog, they went a step further to find them both a place to call home.

9. When this little girl started crying, the family’s horse rushed right over to make sure she was okay.

10. When dad has to travel for work, he sometimes checks in with the family cat via their home security camera. The cat knows… and looks for him there.

We don’t know about you, but these sweet stories make us want to rush home to snuggle with our pets! We truly don’t deserve animals, do we?

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