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When This Couple Adopted A Cat, They Weren’t Expecting To Get A House Panther!

Some pets just seem to be destined for stardom.

Andrey and Anastasia are a young couple who live in an apartment in Russia. They weren’t quite ready for children yet, but they wanted a cuddly companion to share their lives with, so they turned to Avito, the Russian version of eBay. They were browsing available cats and kittens when a pair of striking yellow eyes caught their attention.

Andrey and Anastasia instantly fell head-over-heels for the black Maine coon kitten in the pictures. They thought he looked like a little panther, and he was so big they worried he wouldn’t even fit inside their small apartment, but they decided to adopt him anyway.

“His muzzle in the photo in the ad seemed to be calling us,” said Andrey.

Many other people were interested in adopting the kitten, but the couple scooped him up and took him home that very day. They held off on naming him right away, but as they were watching a TV show they heard the name Vincent and knew it was perfect for their new family member. After all, there’s something very human about this cat’s face, so why shouldn’t he have a human name?

Already large, Vincent continued to grow into a massive, jet-black house panther. Audrey said it was already difficult to lift the cat off the floor before he’d even finished growing. Like many Maine coon cats, Vincent has an unusual “chirping” sort of meow, and he acts much more like a dog than a cat. He loves to play fetch with a small foil ball, and he startles whenever someone sneezes and rushes to see if they’re okay.

“He always reacts very emotionally to our sneezes, shouting something in his own language in response,” his owner said with a laugh.

Anastasia and Andrey’s friends were so wowed by Vincent that they decided to start social media accounts for him. So far, he’s got over 850,000 followers on TikTok, plus another 125,000 on Instagram. Fans can’t get enough of his luxurious fur and intense eyes, not to mention the sheer size of him.

“Like any child, he is very curious,” said Audrey. “Therefore, wherever we are, in the bedroom, in the shower, or in the closet, he keeps a close eye on us.”

The couple are loving their new family member, but warn others that adopting a Maine coon might not be for everyone. They require a lot of work – and a lot of space! Honestly, we’d say the work is worth it though. Vincent is one special cat!

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