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“That Is Love.” Horse Gallops Over To Comfort Crying Little Girl.

If you’re lucky enough to be raised around horses, you know how blessed you are.

Horses may be big, but they’re often gentle giants with unique personalities and surprising intelligence. Research shows that horses can recognize their owners and pick up on non-verbal cues humans don’t even know they’re sending. They can sense human emotions and moods and can communicate their wants and needs to both humans and other horses.

A new video taken from a backyard farm shows just how emotionally intelligent and empathetic these majestic animals can be. A little girl was having a rough day and was crying, and the family horse heard her from far away and came running to comfort her.

“He quickly came to check on her and she immediately stopped crying,” her mom said, adding, “That is love.”

We couldn’t agree more. This sweet horse is definitely taking care of his little human! Watch the video below, and be sure to share.

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