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Kitten With Cleft Nose Gets 2nd Chance At Life And Thanks Rescuers With Hugs!

The special people who work in animal rescue believe every animal is deserving of love, care, and affection.

When Jacqueline DeAmor heard about a tiny kitten born with a cleft nose that would require round-the-clock specialized care, she didn’t hesitate to jump in her car and drive four-and-a-half hours to pick her up. Bonsai is half Maine coon and half highland lynx, but she was so small at birth that she could fit in the palm of Jacqueline’s hand.

Jacqueline is the founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, a Los Angeles, California based nonprofit group with a mission to create a cross-country network of rescuers to eliminate animal euthanasia and animal homelessness. She has helped rehabilitate cleft-affected animals before, and she felt confident that Bonsai could overcome her birth difference to go on to lead a happy, healthy life.

As with cleft-affected humans, Bonsai faced challenges other kittens do not. While her palate is intact, her nose cleft will require surgery when she’s 5 or 6 months old. Not only that, but she could have other medical issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

“Cleft nose babies often have other congenital defects so we will be monitoring for those as well,” Jacqueline explained.

At first, Bonsai seemed to thrive under Jacqueline’s watchful eye. But a few days into her care, they believe she burped and aspirated some formula while sleeping. Suddenly, she had to be placed in an oxygen tent in intensive care due to a dangerous case of pneumonia. Over the next few days, her breathing stabilized and she began to regain her strength. By the time she was 1 week old, she’d already overcome a major health hurdle!

As Bonsai got bigger and stronger, her personality began to emerge. The volunteers discovered that the kitten loves to cuddle, and they will place her little paws on the side of people’s faces to give them a “hug.”

“She is by far the sweetest little baby,” Jacqueline said. “After her milkies, we do lots of cuddles as it seems to help her burp while being pet. She loves to groom my face and hold my face with her paws.”

As they get to know her, Jacqueline and her team say she’ll make a wonderful companion animal some day soon. She purrs loudly whenever anyone touches her, and she’s starting to get curious about her surroundings. She’s incredibly affectionate with humans, perhaps because she’s been handled so much for her entire life, and because she she sees people as helpers she’s not afraid.

There’s no doubt that this kitten was meant to be someone’s lovebug. She also happens to be absolutely adorable, so that never hurts!

Thanks to people like Jacqueline, Bonsai has a second chance at finding a loving forever home. This kitten’s forever human is in for a lifetime of feline love.

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