15 Crazy Coincidences That Will Leave You Speechless

two young women named ally and ruby smiling and posing with identical photos of themselves in a chinese orphanage when they were kids on their phones and a man with a beard posing with a work of art featuring a man who looks just like him

Remarkable occurrences may happen every single day, but that doesn’t stop these moments from leaving us utterly speechless!


From finding long lost family members to hilarious on-point look-alikes, we’ve shared quite a few mind-blowing stories over the years. That’s why we decided to gather some of our favorites for you to enjoy once more below!

1. It took years for Marinella Alagna and Gisella Fodera to discover their newborns had been swapped at the hospital, but once they figured it out, they came up with a brilliant solution.

2. It’s often said that everyone has a doppelgänger, but we doubt most people expect to find theirs at a museum.

3. Despite being forced to break up 39 years ago due to racism, high school sweethearts Mark and Penny found their way back to each other.

4. After years of longing to learn more about her biological family, Denise McCarty finally found answers through a Korean DNA program she signed up for just in time.

5. Ally and Ruby lost touch after meeting in an orphanage in China, but that didn’t stop these BFF’s from reconnecting by chance years later!

6. Tia Belton discovered that her dog has a doppelgänger in the most unexpected way.

7. After 10 years of not knowing where her brother was, Maria Coelho finally found him… all thanks to a drastic makeover.

8. Lamar Hoke Jr. was separated from his older sister, Connie Stanley, at just 4 years old, but the two of them never stopped searching for each other.

9. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of nature… or is there? It turns out, there are quite a few flowers that bare the uncanny image of things other than plants.

10. Laura Mabry dreamed of one day connecting with her biological parents, but she never in a million years could have imagined she’d help them rekindle their love!

11. A part of Renee Perry never lost hope that she’d one day find her foster dog, Bay, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t absolutely floored when she was found five years later!

12. After 36 years of not knowing they even had a twin sister, Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell are learning about all the ways their lives turned out to be strangely identical.

13. The Holocaust separated these childhood friends, but a stranger who happened to have heard both of their stories reunited them 82 years later.

14. After years of being told how similar they look, these two besties discovered the reason why… they’re sisters!

15. Think that the only kind of doppelgänger you can have is a fellow human? Think again!

We still can’t believe that there are so many stories that leave us asking ourselves “What are the odds!?” They’re a great reminder that seemingly anything is possible!

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