In This Hilarious Case Of Mistaken Identity, A Woman Finds Her Pup’s Dog-pelganger.

woman finds lookalike dogs

When Tia Belton opened her apartment door and saw her dog on the couch, she wondered if she was seeing things.

She’d pulled into the driveway just minutes earlier and saw her dog, a chihuahua mix named Reese, sniffing around the dumpsters. Annoyed, she demanded the dog come to her, scooped her up, and went inside. When she saw her dog already in the house, her jaw hit the floor!

The dog in her arms looked identical to the dog on her couch. Both were female chihuahua mixes with black and tan markings, both responded to her commands, and both were utterly adorable!

“I was shook and embarrassed. How dare I not recognize my own baby?”Tia recalled. “Bella just hopped on my couch with Reese like it was the parent trap or something.â€

The two dogs hit it off right away, and once she recovered from the shock, Tia was tempted to keep Reese’s well-behaved little doppelganger. However, realizing how sad she’d be if she lost her dog, Tia put up some flyers in her neighborhood to find the new dog’s owners.

Three days later, the dog’s owners called. The dog’s name is Bella, and they were delighted that Tia had found her and kept her safe. She returned Bella to her rightful owners, but not without a tinge of regret. In a series of TikTok videos, Tia explained that Bella and Reese seemed to fit together like two peas in a pod. Bella has good manners and fit right into their pack, so Tia was sad to see her go. Still, Tia knew getting her home was the right thing to do.

Now, Tia is considering getting a new dog to keep Reese company! It’s clear that Reese enjoyed having a canine sibling around, so Bella’s visit was a good trial run for getting a second dog. What a nice silver lining to a strange but adorable story!

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