Woman Finds Long-Lost Brother On Facebook After More Than 70 Yrs Apart.

The last time Lamar Hoke Jr. saw Connie Stanley, his older sister, in person, he was 4 years old and trying to wrap his mind around the death of their mother, who passed away from cancer in 1946.

The siblings, who lived together in St. Louis, Missouri, were separated shortly afterward because they had different fathers. Lamar went to live with his dad in Chicago, while Connie moved in with a local foster family. No matter how many years passed, the siblings never lost hope that they would find each other again some day!

Both of them eventually started families of their own, and Connie even sent a letter to Lamar’s dad’s address to let him know she got married. While Lamar was thrilled to hear from her, he never got the chance to write back because he lost track of her return address.

Years later, his wife Josette joined the search for Connie, scouring the Internet for clues. As it turned out, she wasn’t the only one! Connie had been searching too!

After some time, Connie came across a Lamar Hoke Jr. on Facebook, who lived in Palm Springs, California.

lamar with his family

She quickly had her daughter Victoria take over to send a message to the man’s son, Hasan, as Lamar’s profile didn’t seem to be very active. While it took months for Hasan to find the missive in his filtered inbox, he stumbled across it in June. He confirmed that Lamar was the man Connie had been searching for, and she was ecstatic!

That’s when her other daughter, Juliet, shared the incredible news on Facebook.

On June 25, Lamar, who is now 78, and Connie, who is now 85, spoke on the phone, reconnecting for the first time in 74 years!

“I picked up the phone and said, ‘I’ve been looking for you all my life,’ and got emotional about it,” Lamar said. “I was getting all worked up and she says, ‘Stop that!'”

They’ve called each other daily ever since and have even spoken face-to-face on Zoom! While they can’t see each other in person yet because of COVID-19, they’re just happy to be virtually back together.

“We found each other and the past is the past,” Connie added. “Today is all we have.”

Despite being separated for more than seven decades, there’s no loss of love between these two! Here’s hoping the siblings will be able to reunite in person soon. In the meantime, they’re making sure they never lose touch again!

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