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They Say Friends Are Family — But These Besties Turned Out To Be Biological Sisters!

You might find yourself occasionally asking your best friend a hypothetical question like, “How fun would it be if we were actually siblings?”

Well, for Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison, that wish came true!

The two met in 2013 while they were working at the same bar in Connecticut. They instantly bonded over their shared past, having both been brought up by a single parent after their adoption from the Dominican Republic.

“I think adoptees understand other adoptees more than someone who’s not adopted,” Cassandra said. “So it was just kind of like, ‘Sweet! I have somebody who understands.'”

After being best friends for nearly a decade, Julia and Cassandra were used to being told how much they look alike, but they never gave it too much thought.

But two years ago, Cassandra started becoming more curious about her birth family and used the 23andMe DNA Test to begin her search. Soon after she reunited with her long-lost loved ones, she found out that her biological father had given up another young girl for adoption. The news made her jump in her car and immediately drive back to Connecticut to get Julia to take a DNA test.

“She was psycho,” Julia joked. “She put it in my face and said, ‘Spit in this right now.'”

On a fateful night in January 2021, Julia finally confirmed it: “Cassie, I am in fact your biological sister.” Her big sister, to be exact!

While the sisters were initially brought together by their stories, the DNA test revealed that they might have been drawn to each other by much more than that!

What’s more, they have even more siblings! Cassandra and Julia were the only ones to have been put up for adoption, but they sympathize with their birth parents.

“Julia and I are not upset with our biological parents,” Cassandra explained. “We understand that they did the best they could with what they had.â€

As for all this surprising news, Cassandra said, “It’s very surreal. My nephew comes up to me and he’s like, ‘Tia, tia, tia!’ And I’m like, ‘That’s me!’ He’s talking to me. We actually look a lot alike, too. We all look alike.”

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