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2 Students Start Chatting On Bus — And Realize They Grew Up In The Same Orphanage.

Many years ago, two little girls became friends at an orphanage in China.

Old pictures show them frequently standing next to each other and playing together. When they were still toddlers, they were adopted by separate families in the U.S. and completely lost touch.

Ally Cole grew up to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, a school with over 15,000 students living on campus. The current sophomore sat down on a campus bus one day and struck up a conversation with the student next to her, a freshman named Ruby Wierzbicki.

The two of them quickly discovered they have far more in common than they could have imagined!

“As we talked, I asked where she was originally from, and her response was China!” Ally wrote on Facebook. “She had pulled up a picture of her on a slide […] and I realized that background looked very familiar. So, I pulled up a picture of my own with a similar slide picture, and it turns out we are from the same orphanage!”

Both Ally and Ruby used to live at the Jinan Social Welfare Institute in China. They couldn’t stop talking and sharing old photos, soon realizing that they remember some of the same people from those brief formative years.

“We were quiet for a little bit because I think we were both just in shock,” Ruby said.

Ally agreed: “I think I was just in shock that I actually knew someone from my past. I think it didn’t really hit me until after I went to class.”

Ruby and Ally are picking up their friendship right where they left off! They are both astounded that out of the thousands of students on campus, they were drawn to one another.

“It’s covered in God’s fingerprints,” Ruby said. “There’s no way it wasn’t God that orchestrated this.”

The two of them have started to reach out to other former friends from the orphanage. They recently learned that an old pal named Isaac Rice lives in North Carolina, so the three of them met up after 13 years apart!

Of all the buses in all the towns… the odds of this happening are so astronomical! It sure seems like these friends were meant to reconnect on that fateful day!

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