15 People Who Found Their Long-Lost Twin At The Art Museum

Some people believe we all have a twin, or doppelgänger, living a separate life somewhere else in the world.

There’s no question that some of us look strangely alike, even if we’re not remotely biologically related to one another. Others have visited museums, only to find out that their twin lived decades or even centuries before they did. Luckily, their uncanny resemblance was immortalized in artwork forever!

1. We’re sure this is just a coincidence….

2. It’s not like people have always looked the same, no matter what else changes in history.

3. “I had people taking photos with me!” said this visitor, who is not Fidel Castro no matter how much he resembles him.

4. If only she had the same outfit!

5. Same eyes, same hair, same beard, same bewildered expression.

6. She must have forgotten her tiara at home.

7. Too bad dogs aren’t allowed inside the museum.

8. If the man in the painting had access to conditioner, his hair would be just as luxurious.

9. We’re as shocked as they are, trust us.

10. When your kid calls you over to say, “Hey, Mom, this statue looks just like you.”

11. What did bored people look at before we had cellphones?

12. If the shoe fits….

13. It’s like looking in a mirror, assuming the mirror image is wearing a funny hat.

14. Are we certain this isn’t actually Neil Patrick Harris? Either way, his commitment to the joke is legend… wait for it… ary.

15. Step one: Have bright red hair. Step two: There is no step two.

History really does repeat itself. We guess these museum visitors all have timeless good looks!

Have you ever found someone who isn’t related to you but looks just like you? Let the world know by sharing this list.

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