10 Animals Who Are Proving Motherhood Runs Deep

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful parts of life.


Human beings aren’t the only species to place value on parenting. In the animal kingdom, few creatures would make it past their first birthdays without the help of a good mother. These 10 heartwarming stories are proof that supermoms exist in all parts of the world!

1. Compassionate dog becomes surrogate mom to more than 100 foster kittens.

New Yorker Asa Shibuya has fostered 173 animals over the years with help from her sweet mixed breed dog named Kona. The pup takes a special interest in every kitten who enters their home, helping the felines feel safe and loved after a rough start in life.

2. Mama gorilla welcomes adorable baby boy and the internet can’t get enough of him.

A mother gorilla named Kiki had to have a C-section to deliver her baby. As soon as she recovered from the surgery, she couldn’t wait to lavish her tiny new son with love. The pictures of them bonding are just too cute!

3. Stray mama cat takes her sick babies to the hospital and checks them in.

A stray cat knew her kittens needed help, so she did what any good mother would do: She took them to the vet!

4. Rescue dog gets own maternity and newborn photo shoots thanks to loving foster mom.

After a very pregnant golden retriever was found wandering in the city, she managed to wind up in the perfect place. Foster mom Caitie made sure the dog and her pups found loving forever homes by staging an adorable maternity photo shoot.

5. Patient mama bear wrangles four wriggly cubs across busy road.

Parents everywhere will relate to this video of a mama bear trying to move all three of her energetic cubs across a busy road. As soon as she sets one down, the others scamper off in the other direction!

6. After losing her puppies, mama dog finds joy by stepping in for orphaned kittens.

A stray dog named Georgia lost her entire litter of puppies shortly after being rescued from the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Afterward, she became “frantic” looking for her pups, so they offered her a litter of kittens to mother instead.

7. This elephant mom’s ultrasound has the world saying a collective “aww.”

Asha, an Asian elephant, was eight months into her 22-month pregnancy when the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden performed a routine ultrasound. They shared a video of the medical exam, and it’s just as cute as any human one we’ve seen. Maybe even cuter!

8. Stray kitten follows dog home and instantly decides she’s her new mom.

A dog called Toast and her mom Lucie were out on a walk when a tiny stray kitten claimed them as her own. Toast became a surrogate mom for the kitten, even making sure she stays safe around the family pool.

9. Boaters share breathtaking video of mama bear ferrying her cubs across lake.

Dan and Nelda Powers were enjoying a sunset cruise on Lake Chippewa in Wisconsin when they saw something incredible: a mother bear moving her whole family across the lake on her back.

10. Man captures amazing photos of mama goose watching over 47 goslings.

Mike Digout visits the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Canada, to take pictures of local wildlife just about every day. On one trip, he noticed a mother goose caring for a whopping 16 goslings. Days later, her brood got even bigger!

These animal mamas are setting the bar high for the rest of us, and they’re looking adorable while they’re doing it.

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