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Stray Kitten Follows Dog Home And Instantly Decides She’s Her New Mom.

We’ve often remarked that some animals seem to pick their own families. But this story of a stray kitten in Greece proves it’s not always humans who get chosen – sometimes, it’s the family dog!

It all started when a tiny kitten came out of nowhere and followed a pup named Toast back home. For the two of them, it was love at first sniff!

Toast’s mom Lucie thought the kitten’s mother must be around somewhere, but when no mama cat appeared, she knew they were meant to take the feline in. The cat immediately latched on to Toast as her mother, following her around and sticking to her like glue.

Toast, whom Lucie describes as being very “human,” took a liking to the kitten as well. As they began cuddling and grooming one another, Toast started acting like she really was the little one’s mom! Not only did she let the kitten eat from her food dish, but she also worried whenever the baby was out of sight. Plus, Toast allowed her to nurse from her as a form of comfort.

As time went on, their mother-daughter bond only increased! Toast helped her get around the house, nudging her onto furniture as needed and monitoring her as she made her way up and down the stairs.

But the most incredible moment came when the kitten got too close to the swimming pool one day.

Toast noticed right away and rushed over to retrieve her baby, lifting her gently in her mouth and carrying her back inside where she would be safe.

As for their human mom, she fell in love with the tender way Toast cared for her little one.

“I’ve always thought that animals are super instinctive and nature is well done,” Lucie explained. “Toast, especially, she’s so human that she really just works on emotion. She has very strong instincts.”

What an adorable relationship! It seems this kitten knew exactly what she was doing when she followed Toast home that day.

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