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Mama Gorilla Welcomes Adorable Baby Boy And The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Him.

Did you know gorillas can suffer from the same pregnancy complications that humans can? That was the case for 39-year-old Kiki at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston when she had to undergo a C-section due to placenta previa.

Thankfully, her new baby boy was delivered safely! It wasn’t long before he captured his mama’s heart forever – along with everyone on the internet!

The little one was born on October 14 and weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces. While that is on the smaller side for a human baby, he is actually big for a newborn gorilla, which usually average between 3 and 5 pounds. If anything, the extra weight just makes him cuter!

After Kiki had some time to recover from her surgery, she was reunited with her baby, and the two of them immediately started bonding. Zoo employees said she held him close and tended to him with all the love in the world!

While the zoo takes good care of all of its animals, Kiki and her baby got some extra attention. Rather than immediately putting them in an exhibit, the zoo let Kiki and her little guy bond behind the scenes to give them some privacy during their special time.

Luckily for us, the zoo has posted plenty of pictures of the adorable duo on social media, and no one can get enough of them! After all, how could anyone resist his precious little face and his mama’s unconditional love?

This little guy is already getting plenty of attention from his adoring fans, and we’re thrilled to know Kiki is giving him everything he needs!

Watch the sweet baby’s entrance into the world in the video below, and share this story with anyone you know who could use some extra joy in their day.

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