Rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife into their natural habitat.

with Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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Every single day, hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine habitat is torn from wildlife all over the world. Animals with no ability to adapt quickly die out and those that persevere don’t survive for long. Most people contribute to the problem, but one organization is there to make a difference.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a small, family-owned wildlife refuge and rehab center with one goal: rescue, rehabilitate and release their charges back into the wild where they belong.

It is a noble cause that deserves everyone’s respect! So help us give Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center the support they need to continue their work.  All you have to do is watch and share InspireMore stories. The more you do that, the more advertisers pay us, and the more we are able to give to this important cause! Get started today; let’s make a difference.

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