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Give soldiers a taste of home.

with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

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Time Left: 2 weeks

“Sending a little bit of home to ensure they are not forgotten” Lynelle Zelnar, Founder – Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

A Soldier's Poem On Christmas Eve

An anonymous soldier wrote this poem on Christmas Eve – it's a reminder we all need this holiday season.Everytime you read an InspireMore story, you're raising money for charity. This December, Inspiremore is raising funding and awareness for Forgotten Soldiers Outreach – a nonprofit organization that helps those deployed overseas feel a little more at home. Help us make a differnece in the world!

Posted by InspireMore on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

There are over 1 million active U.S. Military personnel. A large portion of those are deployed… many overseas. That means thousands upon thousands of men and women – putting their lives on the line for other’s safety – are likely to be away from home on the holidays.

In an effort to make them feel more at home and honor their service and commitment, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has made it their mission to send a piece of home overseas – to every service member they can.

To date, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has sent over 400,000 ‘We Care’ packages to service men and women overseas. Every month, care packages are filled with favorite snacks, holiday treats, and pieces of home then sent to military members all over the world.

Help us give Forgotten Soldiers Outreach the support they need to continue their work. Every time you read or share an InspireMore story, we raise money for this important cause.


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