Teach kids to love others and themselves.

with Choose Love Foundation

Scarlett Lewis founded Choose Love Movement after her son, Jesse, was murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in December 2012. It is one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

At six years old, Jesse, alongside 19 of his first-grade classmates and six educators, died. Yet law enforcement says Jesse used his final moments to heroically save nine of his friends.

Shortly after his death, Scarlett discovered a message Jesse had written on their kitchen chalkboard. It was written phonetically, as it would have been by a six year old, but it read, “Norturting Helinn Love” (Nurturing, Healing Love).

Scarlett knew instantly that Jesse intended those words to be a way she could frame the tragedy and what it could teach the world about how to avoid tragedies like this in the future. After hours of research, she learned that these three words are actually included in the definition of “compassion” across all cultures.

Nurturing means loving kindness and gratitude.

Healing means forgiveness.

Love is compassion in action.

She realized that love, connection and belonging are universal wants and needs that connect all of humanity, and that if the shooter had received more of it in his life, the tragedy might never have happened.

Scarlett set out on a mission to teach as many people around the world about this message, beginning with children. The Choose Love program teaches kids and teens to choose love, no matter the difficulty they are facing.

It’s a noble cause that deserves our respect, share their mission today!

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