Clean up the world's oceans.

with Project3r

“If an eleven year old kid like me can make a difference, anyone can too. When we all do just a little bit, it adds up to a huge difference. Thanks for helping me clean up our planet”. -Ryan Hickman

Bottles, cans, plastics and pollution are destroying the world’s oceans at an alarming rate. While most people stand by to let ‘someone else’ deal with the problem, one young boy is on a mission to recycle the world’s waste in his lifetime.

Project3R’s founder Ryan Hickman, is responsible for recycling over one million cans and bottles in an effort to keep pollution out of our oceans and landfills.

With his story going viral in 2017, Ryan has become an international icon for recycling around the world. Ryan and Project3R lead and organize beach clean up events in his community and he travels internationally speaking about the importance of recycling and saving our planet from plastic pollution. Ryan and Project3R have been instrumental in starting school recycling programs worldwide.

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Clean up the world’s oceans.
with Project3r
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