Connect foster care youth with life-saving job opportunities.

with We Are One Project

By age 18, 1 in 5 foster children will end up homeless. These kids are often left in the cold on their 18th birthday, without any semblance of the stability or family that most others can fall back on.

Francois Reihani was a successful businessman. After making ‘as much money as possible’ he still was not happy. A family friend spoke to him about her volunteer work with foster kids, and Francois’ eyes were opened to a terrible reality that most foster kids live in every day.

In his efforts to solve the problem, Francois started the We Are One Project. The non-profit organization connects youth ‘aging out’ of the foster care system with promising and stable job opportunities. To prove his theory that kids ‘aging out’ need a stable job to survive, he opened a coffee shop in Dallas, TX called La La Land Kind Cafe, dedicated to hiring and mentoring kids aging out of the foster care system with no where else to go.

We Are One Project is a noble cause that deserves all of our respect. Help us spread the word about their mission.

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