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Feeling Down? These 15 Hilarious Stories Will Turn Your Day Around!

National Smile Day

The bright yellow smiley face icon that we all know and love was designed by a Worcester, Massachusetts, artist named Harvey Ball.

According to their website, the symbol “knows no politics, no geography, and no religion. Harvey’s idea was that for at least one day each year, neither should we.” World Smile Day began in 1999 in his hometown and has continued every year since then around the world. So here are a few stories to help you celebrate this fun, inclusive holiday!

1. Mom catches dad and tiny toddler sharing cutest salsa dance-off.

Paola Teran wasn’t thrilled to see her little girl standing on the kitchen counter, but when she saw what she and her dad were up to, she let it slide! Who doesn’t love a kitchen salsa dance with Dad?

2. Fifteen hilarious school photos that went horribly wrong.

It’s time for annual school pictures, but things don’t always go well when Mom and Dad aren’t there to smooth down their kids’ cowlicks! These parents didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they got their kids’ picture packets back.

3. Bear plops down next to wildlife photographer for terrifyingly adorable moment.

Photographer Drew Hammond was perched next to a river in Alaska taking pictures of the annual salmon run when he heard a sound. Imagine his shock when he turned to see a gigantic brown bear taking a load off right next to him!

4. Bridesmaid gets way more than flowers during bride’s bouquet toss.

When it came time for the traditional bouquet toss, this bride had a huge surprise in store for one of her besties!

5. Dancing 5-year-old steals spotlight at preschool graduation and has thousands cracking up.

Martina Blair of Ohio was rolling in the aisle when her 5-year-old granddaughter Lily danced her heart out at the school concert. You can hear her laughing so hard she snorted as she took a video of the kid they call “our hysterical little blessing.”

6. Veterinarian does hilarious dance-off with cutest little lamb.

An adopted little lamb loves going to work with his mama, a vet tech at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texas. In fact, Ursula the lamb is so happy she just has to dance!

7. Fifteen wholesome animal pictures that are sure to brighten your day.

There’s something about animal photography that never fails to boost our mood! How could you be grumpy when faced with this mama and baby quokka? What about a hedgehog all buckled up for a ride in the car?

8. This perfectly synchronized dance routine is so amazing we can’t look away.

French choreographer Sadeck Waff created this dazzling dance routine, and it’s truly mesmerizing. The dancers’ limbs actually look like a kaleidoscope!

9. Meet Casper, a border collie who has the cutest “conversations” with his human.

Ryan Dykta from England has found a way to give his border collie Casper a voice. Sure, it’s Ryan’s voice… but their videos are still utterly adorable!

10. Tiny 3-year-old judo master takes down instructor in adorable video.

Leilani Scott is only 3 years old, but we still wouldn’t tangle with her! Just look at the way she used her martial arts prowess to take down this man who is twice her size.

11. Reporter spots herd of bison closing in and runs away in hilarious broadcast.

Nothing will get between NBC news anchor Deion Broxton and a story! Nothing except a herd of bison, that is.

12. “Principal Mom’s” embarrassing online school announcements have thousands cracking up.

Deb Plafker of Danville, California, fully embraced the situation when her teenagers were suddenly learning from home during the novel coronavirus pandemic. In fact, “Principal Mom” had way too much fun doing morning announcements each day.

13. Twenty-one people who found their perfect cartoon doppelgänger.

A Twitter challenge called “me vs. animated me” had everyone channeling their inner Disney character. Some of these are eerily similar!

14. Guilty toddler explains why he is covered in marker in unforgettable home video.

When you live with a “triple toddler tornado” like LaTasha McClendon-Dove, you learn what it means when things get “too quiet” at home. Just look at these boys’ faces when they got caught decorating their brother!

15. Breaking news: Puppy interrupts live TV segment and makes everyone’s day!

Reporter Bob Barnard was live in Leesburg, Virginia, when a sweet little dumpling of a dog appropriately named Pierogi wandered into his shot. Bob quickly decided there was nothing else to do but go with it!

There, don’t you feel better? We love each and every one of these delightful stories!

The best thing about an entire day of smiling is paying it forward, so don’t forget to share the joy with your friends.

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