15 Hilarious School Photos That Went Horribly Wrong

On school picture day, most kids try to look their best.

Some students wear a special shirt, while others take time to comb their cowlicks and give their best smiles. Then again, some children just don’t care about picture day, and it definitely shows!

1. “I told my 9-year-old I didn’t care what he did in his spring school photos. This is what he gave us.”

2. “When you’re super excited to see your kid’s school pictures… and then you find this in the packet.”

3. “My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later.”

4. “Why YES! My vest was homemade.”

5. “Apparently I didn’t know how to smile in first grade.”

6. “My daughter’s first-ever school photo. She was so excited for days, went in, and got [a] mugshot instead.”

7. “Reagan brought home her school pictures today. Should I ground her or high-five her?”

8. “In case you’ve ever wondered what happens when your kid wears green on picture day….”

9. “School photo circa 1996. Allergies were hitting me hard that day….”

10. “School pictures today. I hope I don’t get a repeat of this gem from 2016.”

11. “This was the retake of my second-grade school photo.”

a boy with a ridiculously exaggerated smile

12. “My brother’s pre-K picture. He didn’t know how to smile.”

13. “The school offered to re-shoot the photo [but my] parents declined.”

14. “I still think that this is my favorite photo of all time.”

a boy pouting at the camera and holding a fake egg

15. “Mason got his kindergarten pictures and I didn’t want his name on the bottom so I typed in ‘I don’t want this’ and they freaking printed this… so now I have like 30 pictures of him with this on the bottom.”

And you thought your school pictures were bad! Let’s hope these goofballs get as much joy out of these priceless photos as we do!

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