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15 Hilarious School Photos That Went Horribly Wrong

On school picture day, most kids aim to be picture-perfect. Some rock a snazzy shirt, while others tame their unruly locks and flash their winning grins. But then there are those who couldn’t care less, and boy, does it show!

1. “I told my 9-year-old I didn’t care what he did in his spring school photos. This is what he gave us.”

boy in a red and black flannel with messy hair making a funny face

This gem is a stark warning about giving children creative freedom with school pictures.

2. “When you’re super excited to see your kid’s school pictures… and then you find this in the packet.”

boy with half closed eyes

Case in point: Not all photographers are made equal. Maybe give the kid time to fully smile next time, yeah?

3. “My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later.”

A photo from 20 years ago of a young boy with his arms crossed and face scrunched in disgust

The joke’s on him!

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