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15 Incredible Kids Who Are Making The World A Better Place

February is Black History Month, and we’re having a blast learning about so many wonderful people.

But it’s not just adults who are having a positive impact. Meet 15 extraordinary kids who are making the world a better place in their own unique ways!

1. This 11-year-old opened a thrift store to help low-income families.

When Obocho Peters’ single mom told him she couldn’t afford a toy he wanted, the 11-year-old sold some old clothes to earn the money himself. That got him thinking about helping others in his community who were feeling the financial pinch as well. He started collecting donated clothing, and Obocho’s Closet was born!

2. Shy 12-year-old makes New York Philharmonic history.

Grace Moore of Brooklyn, New York, started playing the piano when she was just 2 years old. By age 8, she was writing her own music. These days, she’s making history as one of the youngest composers to ever have an original song performed by the famous New York Philharmonic!

3. Little boy uses Alexa to save his mom’s life.

Five-year-old Tyrion Spann of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, loves using Amazon’s Alexa to call his grandmother. When his mom had a severe epileptic seizure, Tyrion knew exactly what to do to get her the help she needed.

4. Personal trainer encourages baby son to do push-up challenge.

Thanks to his fitness trainer dad, 6-month-old Landon can already do more push-ups than many adults! He also has the cutest laugh we’ve ever heard!

5. Teenager starts Golden Age Karate to keep seniors in shape.

Jeffrey Wall of Ohio started taking karate when he was 6 years old. Now that he’s 15, he’s using his black belt skills to help senior citizens stay strong, fit, and healthy.

6. Bullied child starts her own nail polish company for a great cause.

Taylor Thomas is an 8-year-old girl who uses a wheelchair due to spina bifida. Last year she was bullied so badly that she developed anxiety, so she took her joy into her own hands – literally!

7. This 11-year-old on the autism spectrum may be the next Martin Luther King Jr.

Colin Harris was nonverbal until he was almost 4, but thanks to his hard work and determination, he’s become a pro at public speaking! After coming in second at the previous year’s MLK Jr. Oratory Competition, he pulled out all the stops to take first place in 2020.

8. Teens win global tech competition by creating an app to help people with dementia.

Rachael Akano, Margaret Akano, and Joy Njekwe are Nigerian-Irish teenagers from Drogheda, Ireland. While the country was locked down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the teens entered a competition and wound up designing life-changing technology for people suffering from dementia.

9. Little boy’s “Race for Kindness” feeds hungry neighbors.

When Orion Jean won the 2020 National Kindness Speech contest, he immediately used his $500 prize money to buy toys for kids in need in his community. This generous act kicked off a series of events that ended with thousands of families receiving free meals.

10. Teen becomes third generation of female entrepreneurs in her family.

Jasmine Benton always knew she wanted to start her own business. Both her mother and grandmother are self-made entrepreneurs, so when Jasmine had an idea for a “trash to treasure” design company, she knew whom to ask for help.

11. Everyone needs to hear this 6-year-old’s original rap song.

In a truly adorable viral video, Bobby White beatboxes as his 6-year-old son Sam raps their original song, “You Can Be ABCs.”The inspiring lyrics list a different job or career for every letter of the alphabet, and it’s the perfect reminder that we can be anything we want in life!

12. Genius kid will have his college degree before most people graduate from high school!

To say that Caleb Anderson of Marietta, Georgia, is gifted would be an understatement. He joined MENSA, the society for people with high IQs, when he was just 5 years old. Now he’s 12 and already headed off to college.

13. Toddler gives dad a pep talk.

Taj is just a toddler, but he firmly believes his father D’Anthony can do anything! In a sweet video his vlogger dad shared on Instagram, Taj refuses to believe D’Anthony can’t join him on the playground equipment. He’s the cutest cheerleader ever!

14. Nonprofit helps young women of color achieve their dreams of becoming pilots.

Fewer than 1 percent of airline pilots are people of color, but Sisters of the Skies is dedicated to changing that statistic! The group provides scholarships, mentorship, and support to young girls of color who are hoping to earn their wings.

15. Teen with Down syndrome stops by cemetery on his way to graduation.

PJ Marshall, a teen with Down syndrome from Louisiana, was thrilled when he graduated from Haughton High School. There was just one person who couldn’t be there to celebrate with him on his special day. His mom passed away in 2010, but his sweet actions show that while she’s gone, she is never forgotten.

What a brilliant group of young people! Kids like these give us so much hope for the future!

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