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5-Yr-Old Uses Alexa To Call For Help During Mom’s Seizure And Saves Her Life.

It’s been said that kids today are too wrapped up in technology, but Natalie Neal knows her grandson’s interest in smart devices is the reason her daughter is still here.

Tyrion Spann of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, enjoys using his mom’s Amazon Alexa almost as much as he loves talking to his grandma. So, in September, Natalie programmed her number into the speaker to make it easy for him to call her.

A little over a week later, Natalie got a call from the 5-year-old, but realized something was wrong. His mom, Jasmine, had suffered a severe epileptic seizure that left her unconscious. Tyrion was terrified, but he knew exactly what to do – tell Alexa to call his grandma.

“I thought he was laughing or joking and it turns out he was crying,” Natalie said. “I’m telling him to calm down and he told me he couldn’t wake his mom up. So, of course being her mom, my heart kind of fell to the ground a little bit.”

Natalie lives an hour away from Jasmine and Tyrion, so she explained to the latter she was going to call 911. Thanks to her cool head and Tyrion’s quick actions, first responders arrived in time.

Now Jasmine is doing fine, and her mom couldn’t be more grateful she decided to program the speaker. To her, it almost seems like fate.

“I just thought for you know, him to tell me, ‘Hey grandmom, I love you. Hey Gigi, I love you,'” Natalie said. “A week and a half later, he’s calling because he can’t wake his mom up, so it was a very smart thing to do without knowing I was being smart.”

Great job, Tyrion! Now he’s dreaming of becoming a police officer or a firefighter, and clearly, he’d be the perfect fit for either! But as far as his family is concerned, he’s already a hero.

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