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15 Heartwarming Stories That Reveal The True Power Of Friendship

Romantic relationships get a lot of attention, but the love between best friends is just as important.

That’s why we’re so happy to celebrate International Friendship Day! To help us do just that, here are 15 heartwarming stories that show the power of companionship.

1. Best friends from the Air Force have a surprise reunion years after going separate ways.

When John Taylor and Justin Crockett served together in Japan, they became fast friends, but life separated the two when they went back to the States. That is, until John’s wife Rachel arranged the best graduation surprise ever!

2. Grandmother creates her granddaughter’s dream dress by hand.

Ariel Chu was excited for a big work event she had coming up, but she was disappointed to discover that she wouldn’t be able to wear the dress she wanted as it cost well over $500. Luckily, she has one talented grandmother! Known for her impressive sewing skills, Ama managed to create an almost identical version!

3. Man asks his brother with Down syndrome to be his best man in a super fun way.

Will Claussen and Henry Joe aren’t just brothers; they’re best friends. That’s why Will chose to ask him to be his best man through a surprise scavenger hunt. Thankfully, this beautiful moment was caught on video.

4. The most unlikely duo become best friends.

Rinsa was so excited to welcome their newest family member, a Samoyed dog named Romeo, into their home. Casper the cat, on the other hand, had different feelings. With a permanent grumpy face, it wasn’t clear at first if Casper would ever accept his new brother, but before long, these two became quite the pair!

5. These women went from best friends to sisters… literally!

There was an instant connection when Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met while working at a bar in 2013. They had so much in common and even looked similar, but they wouldn’t put two and two together until a DNA test eight years later revealed that they’re sisters!

6. Newlyweds move like no one’s watching in hilarious first dance.

A couple never forgets their first dance… and thanks to their over-the-top routine, neither will Steve and Claire’s wedding guests! Rather than choosing a traditional slow song, these two decided to celebrate their own way!

7. Childhood best friends finally reunite 82 years after the Holocaust separated them.

Like many others, Betty Grebenschikoff and Ana María fell victim to the horrible events of the Holocaust. In order to survive, their families had to escape, causing them to go their separate ways. They would go on to try and find each other for years. They even reached a point of losing all hope, but then a miracle happened!

8. Family dog becomes baby’s first best friend.

Marshall has been watching over baby Macy since before she was born, and the two have only grown closer since then. Macy’s parents love their friendship so much that they’ve been documenting it online!

9. Boy helps his friend with a disability get around by carrying him.

At only 4 years old, Zhang Ze became unable to walk. With his condition, going to school seemed nearly impossible. That’s why it means so much that his best friend, Xu Bingyang, is more than happy to help him get around.

10. Two-year-old shows how close she is to her grandpa when saying goodbye.

Little Camille loves her grandpa, so much so that she isn’t happy at all when their trips to visit him come to an end. This tear-jerking moment goes to show just how much these two adore each other!

11. Toddler and model skeleton… the unlikeliest of friends.

When Abigail Brady started cleaning her basement, she never would have guessed that her 2-year-old son Theo would become so fascinated by their 5-foot model skeleton from Halloween. But once Theo insisted they bring “Benny” along to an outing, she just couldn’t get herself to say no. Now, the pair can be seen going everywhere together!

12. Grandma gets invited to move into brand new home with her grandson.

Matthew Stewart’s grandma knew he was having his own home built, but what she didn’t know was that he was inviting her to join him! The appreciation she has for the invite will leave you reaching for some tissues.

13. These best friends only had a 2 percent chance of survival at birth… and now they’re graduating college together!

Odin Frost and Jordan Granberry were both born with complications that caused not enough oxygen to get to their brains. They immediately became attached at the hip when they met on the first day of school. That’s why it’s so fitting that they would graduate high school together.

14. Man shaves head in solidarity with girlfriend who has alopecia.

Eva Barilaro tried growing out her hair for the first time in years. Disappointed with the results due to her alopecia, she asked her boyfriend to shave her head. What she didn’t know, though, was his plan to join her!

15. Little boy hypes up his best friend in class.

A true best friend will always be there to cheer you on when you succeed. A little boy named King is lucky enough to have a friend just like this one. Every time he answers a question posed by their teacher, his buddy can’t help but show how excited he is for him.

What a beautiful assortment of friendships! Stories like these make us appreciate the people we have in our own lives that we can always count on.

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