Best Friends Who Were Born With 2% Survival Rate Just Graduated High School Together.

The day Odin Frost was born was extremely stressful. His mom suffered from preeclampsia, and the complications resulted in him not getting enough oxygen to his brain. He was airlifted to a nearby NICU, where his future best friend, who also had brain damage from oxygen deprivation, had been discharged just two weeks before. 

Odin met Jordan Granberry three years later on their first day of school in Tyler, Texas. Both of them were living miracles because they had been given a 2 percent chance of surviving into childhood. All these years later, the 18-year-old best friends just graduated high school together!

baby bffs

According to Odin’s dad Tim, the two of them became instant friends as kids and were basically attached at the hip. “Neither one of them could speak, but wherever the other one was, they were always together,” he told CNN.

They found nonverbal ways to communicate, part of which was through their shared love of music. And they were always there for each other!

“When my son started walking and Jordan didn't, they had this connection still," Tim explained. "My son would try to stand up and push Jordan's wheelchair and stand beside him at all times and sort of defended him.”

Tim and Odin Frost

As they grew up, Jordan and Odin weren’t always in the same class, but they never stopped being close. Their families would often meet up and hang out together, so it came as no surprise when Tim recently shared a video of them celebrating their kids’ high school graduation by popping a bottle of champagne!

Tim shared the heartwarming milestone on Reddit, and thousands of people began celebrating with Odin and Jordan!

Odin and Jordan Celebration

What an amazing accomplishment — and what wonderful friends! It just goes to show that love and support can get us through the hardest times!

Watch Odin walk across the stage in the video below, and share this story with your friends to make them smile.
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