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15 Incredible Girls Who Are Already Making A Difference In The World

It’s Women’s History Month, and we are having a blast celebrating all the wonderful ways women make a difference in the world each and every day.

But it’s not just adults who have the power to change what they see! All of the amazing girls in the stories below continually blow us away with their contributions to society.

1. This 5-year-old donated her Tooth Fairy money to help the homeless.

After Amaya Thompson of Hertfordshire, England, had to have two teeth pulled at the dentist, her family members gave her £50. Instead of buying herself a lot of goodies, she decided to share her windfall by making “little bags of love” for people experiencing homelessness in her area.

2. This teen has been giving sick children Christmas presents for 10 years.

A brief stay in the hospital on Christmas Eve left a lasting impression on Emily Meyer when she was just 5 years old. Ten years later, “Emily’s Awesome Toy Drive” continues to donate thousands of gifts to kids who are spending the holidays in the hospital.

3. She’s only 4, but she found a way to feed 2,400 people!

Violet Shouse of Tulsa, Oklahoma, grew up watching her family volunteer at her local food bank. The little girl decided to hold a bake sale and wound up raising $625. Naturally, she donated every penny to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

4. Teen shares a meal with people who have eating disorders.

Sara Sadok of Chicago, Illinois, loves someone who has an eating disorder, so she understands the shame and isolation some people feel when it comes to food. She started making TikTok videos to encourage others to overcome their challenges and get healthy.

5. Little girl makes sure homeless people in her area know she cares.

When 7-year-old Olivia Tyler heard that masks would be required across Chicago, Illinois, she started a fundraiser at her church to make sure people living on the streets could have access to masks, too.

6. Nine-year-old Sophie Moan has spent her time in quarantine cleaning up 400 bags of trash.

Not content to sit around inside, Sophie hit the streets of Blyth, England, and collected all the garbage people had tossed on the road. Her neighbors soon joined in, helping her raise over $1,600 for a local wildlife rescue. Best of all, Sophie isn’t finished helping others yet!

7. Sixteen-year-old makes it her mission to end hunger in North Carolina.

Mackenzie Hinson founded a nonprofit called Make a Difference Food Pantry when she was just 10 years old. They started off feeding about 35 people in her community. Now, they’re feeding thousands every month!

8. Bullied child empowers herself and others through sparkly nail polish.

Taylor Thomas of Baltimore County, Maryland, has always loved painting her nails. After bullying at school caused her to develop depression, anxiety, and PTSD, she started her own business to help other kids find joy through artistic (and fashionable!) expression.

9. England’s “Mini Monet” donates every penny from her work’s proceeds to charity.

It became clear that Daisy Watt of Mission, England, was a natural artist when she was very young. By the time she turned 10, Daisy was selling her paintings for thousands of dollars each! But this young artist refuses to keep a cent for herself.

10. Four teens come up with cute, creative way to teach kids about COVID-19 safety.

Lauryn Hong, Ella Matlock, Sofia Migliazza, and Erin Rogers are 15-year-old students at Long Beach Polytechnic High in California. For a school project, they came up with a series of fun coloring books to help thousands of young children make sense of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

11. Katy Snow bakes pies to help the hungry.

When Katy Snow was 10 years old, she realized some kids weren’t lucky enough to wake up to presents on Christmas day. She started “Katy’s Kids,” baking and selling apple pies for $20 each, with all the proceeds going to kids in need.

12. Two girls use homemade blankets to send love around the world.

Thanks to their sewing skills and caring hearts, Lucy Blaylock and Tori Holmes each received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, which recognizes young people who make a difference for their neighbors.

Lucy sends “love blankets” to kids all over the world who need a virtual hug, while Tori makes pairs of blankets for kids who are separated from their parents and need a reminder that they’re loved.

13. Seven-year-old strives to help people of color feel represented in books and media.

Madison Wilson realized early on that not many people in her Solvang, California, elementary school looked like she did. Not only that, but even the characters in her library’s books were “peach.” So with help from her mom, Madison set out to highlight the problem and get more people of color included and represented in media.

14. Kristen Bell’s kids emptied their piggy banks to feed hungry children.

When actress Kristen Bell wrote a big check to No Kid Hungry, people wondered about the odd amount. Instead of a nice, round number, it was for $150,007.96. The actress later shared that the extra $7.96 came from her kids, Delta and Lincoln, who decided they needed to pitch in.

15. Girl Scouts hold virtual cookie fair to give first responders a sweet surprise.

Two sisters, 6-year-old Piper and 9-year-old Julia of Virginia Beach, held a Facebook Live cookie-thon to sell their delicious treats. There’s a twist, though. Each $4 box sold was donated to a local hospital!

These kids give us so much hope for the future! What wonderful stories to celebrate in the midst of Women’s History Month!

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