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10-Yr-Old Starts Baking 100s Of Pies To Raise Money For Kids In Need.

Katy sitting in front of stack of presents for kids

As a parent, you try to teach your kids from a young age to appreciate what you give them, to not waste food, and to show gratitude for their blessings. Still, as many times as you tell them that not everyone has what they have, it’s an abstract idea until one day it just clicks and they realize what that actually means. That day came when Katy Snow was 10 years old, and it sparked a fire in her.

It was around Christmastime when Katy realized that there are kids who don’t wake up to a pile of presents under their tree. Unwilling to do nothing, she got creative and started “Katy’s Kids” where she bakes and sells apple pies for $20/each, with all profit going to kids in need.


Katy told a local news source, “I really realized that all the kids couldn’t have presents and like…really have a Christmas and have a Christmas dinner and all that. So I wanted to provide that for kids.” So, she recruited her grandma, mom, and little sister to help her bake the delicious homemade pies, and they created a system that allowed them to whip up 30 pies in three hours!

The community, of course, came to support her mission, which helped her to provide presents, food, and more to local kids. On a photo posted to the “Katy’s Kids” Facebook page, her mom wrote, “We loaded up and delivered the first round of gifts and food tonight. When the woman was explaining how she gives the gifts to the parents first, she said she does that so that they can put them under the tree so when the kids get home it’s a total surprise!! Katy’s smile rose off of her face and she hugged the woman tight.”

Katy in front of pile of Christmas presents

Katy didn’t stop after Christmas, either. She’s now 11 years old and still selling pies to further her mission to help those in need. She raises money to purchase and donate food, school supplies, and backpacks for kids in her community.

In July, “Katy’s Kids” posted an update on their Facebook page saying, “600 Backpacks, 600 pencil boxes, 1200 glue sticks, 600 erasers, 300 boxes of markers, 300 boxes of colored pencils, 3,000 pencils, 600 boxes of crayons, 600 folders, 600 notebooks, 1, 200 stickers and a partridge in a pear tree! Purchased with money donated by YOU! Counted, boxed, stacked, and packed thanks to amazing volunteers! Here we come distribution day! 600 kiddos will be SO HAPPY and loved!”


There’s no doubt the pride Katy’s family must feel in witnessing and taking part in her response to the realization that there are kids in need. She truly has an incredible heart to go to such great lengths to help her community. There’s no telling what she will accomplish as she continues to grow and become even more resourceful.

Share Katy’s story with your kids (and friends!) to show them how much joy and love can be brought into the world by just one person.

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