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Our Top 10 Tales Of Rescue, Sacrifice, And All-Around Heroism From 2022.

man rescues child in water, grandma helps couple with new daughter on plane.

There are a lot of different kinds of heroes in the world, but they all have one thing in common: a willingness to put others before themselves.

Of the thousands of heroic stories we’ve heard this year, the following ten stand out for the bravery, intelligence, kindness, and quick-thinking of all involved. When bad things happen, we hope we can conduct ourselves even half this well!

1. These cops asked the right questions to save four children who were kidnapped in broad daylight.

2. This boss found out his employee is unhoused, so he changed her life in an instant.

3. Incredibly kind stranger helped ease a family’s journey when they flew home from China after adopting their daughter.

Grandma Jackie holding Karee's daughter on airplane smiling as they both give peac signs.
Courtesy of Karee Blunt

4. Actress Jennifer Garner surprised a teacher by buying her every single item on her back-to-school wish list.

5. Don Herbert had no idea that a chance meeting with Pastor Tim Jones would ultimately save his life.

6. This nanny’s instincts kicked in when a burglar broke into the home where she works.

7. Family of five surprises 18 military service members by picking up the tab for their lunches, tip and all.

8. Alert kayaker reels in more than just a sturgeon when he hears a 6-year-old’s frantic calls for help.

9. A college student put up homemade signs around town. She later learned one of her signs may have saved someone’s life.

10. When her dad suffered a medical emergency, 6-year-old Macie figured out how to unlock dad’s phone to Google the police department’s number.

Well done, heroes! Our hats are off to each and every one of you, and we hope nothing but good comes your way. You’ve earned it!

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