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Nanny Senses Something “Off” In House And Rescues Toddler From Imminent Danger.

Jenny Lee Baker, a nanny in Southern California, found herself in a horrifying and potentially dangerous situation that forced her to act quick – very quick.

She’d been out running errands with the 3-year-old she cares for, and when she came home, something raised the proverbial hair on the back of her neck. Her intuition was spot on.


As it turned out, a burglar had broken into the Irvine home and was busy upstairs, skulking through the house. Security camera footage showed him dumping the contents of a purse onto a kitchen countertop before Jenna walked through the door, then making his way room to room, searching for valuables.


“To have him going in to my kids’ rooms, it’s the most scary thing to me,” said the toddler’s father, Jonathan Lai.

When Jenna and the toddler came home, the intruder scrambled down the stairs. Meanwhile, Jenna scooped up the little boy and ran out the door, taking safety at a neighbor’s house.


“What she did for my son, (we’re) so grateful that she is in our lives,” Jonathan said.

Many people are calling Jenna a hero for her actions that day. But she says she doesn’t think of herself as a “hero.”

“I love him,” Jenna said. “When his parents are away, they put their trust in me to keep him safe.”


Watch the chilling CCTV footage in the video below, and share to thank this nanny for her heroic actions.

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