Kayaker Hears Screams And Spots 6-Yr-Old Floundering Alone In The Water.

image taken from body cam footage from the perspective of dj jones who was rowing a bow on the river. a 6-year-old boy screams out, terrified as he grabs onto the side of the boat.

While out on the St. Louis River in Minnesota, DJ Jones planned for a relaxing day of fishing. Instead, he became a hero.

When he arrived, he took note of the folks who were already out on the water, including a father in a sailboat who’s son was swimming right beside him. The water seemed perfect for a while but, as DJ hooked into what he believed to be a sturgeon, the waves quickly picked up. Suddenly, he heard the screams of a child who was being swept away by the current – it was the same boy from earlier.

image taken from body cam footage from the perspective of dj jones who was rowing a bow on the river but has one hand out, reaching toward the 6-year-old boy who is crying as he floats int he water.

DJ looked around to see that he had gotten separated from his dad. Without hesitation, the man bit his fishing line so he could hurry over to where the child was fighting to stay afloat. The frightened 6-year-old remained frantic, even when help arrived. However, DJ was able to get him to calm down enough so that he could get him back to shore.

From there, DJ contacted emergency medical services to ensure the child was safe. He even stuck around to watch law enforcement reunite him with his dad.

There’s a pending investigation around what happened exactly, but one thing is for certain: DJ saved this little boy’s life and, for that, he can’t be thanked enough!

Watch DJ rush to save the life of this drowning child in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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