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Pastor Donates Kidney To Man He Just Met And Doctors Make Huge Discovery.

tim jones and don herbert at the hospital

Sometimes fate, or divine intervention, has a way of bringing two people together at just the perfect time.

Don Herbert and his wife were looking for yard sales when they heard gospel music coming from a nearby church. Don, who is a gospel singer, was so attracted to the powerful sounds that he went inside. It was there that he met Pastor Tim Jones, the man who would become a part of his story forever.


Both men had a shared love for music, so when the Don told Pastor Tim about his singing quartet, he invited him to sing in an upcoming revival.

But what Pastor Tim Jones didn’t know, was that Don had been suffering from a life-threatening health condition for the past few years. A couple of months before they met, Don had even undergone a liver transplant that was supposed to help his condition,  but then his kidneys started failing.

His chronic illness didn’t deter his faith, but he had no idea that meeting Tim would play a pivotal role.

“I had a strong faith that God was going to take care of me no matter what happened,” said Don.

But then, doctors at Duke Medical Center found blockages in Don’s heart, meaning he would need cardiac catheterization, another serious procedure. They informed the couple that Don’s weak kidneys wouldn’t be able to make it through the surgery but also that finding a kidney donor could take up to seven years.


“I can’t believe that God’s brought me through this major transplant, and now here I am, facing something like this,” Don recounted.

So Belinda decided to share their situation on Facebook and ask for help:

“I am willing to be the donor but I do not have insurance coverage and we can not afford it. It is so hard to ask something so tremendous and so humbling but I want the man I love to live a long life. I do want to grow old with him by my side. I am asking for help! If anyone would be interested in being the donor or help organize fundraisers or donate to raise funds to purchase insurance for me just long enough to get through the testing please message me.”

Pastor Tim saw the Facebook message, and even though they had only met two weeks prior, he was so moved, that he offered to be a kidney donor. When the results came in, it turned out that he was a perfect match – a one in 20,000 chance!

But the biggest miracle occurred on the day of surgery. When doctors went to remove Tim’s kidney, they discovered he had an aneurysm, which if left unnoticed would have killed him.

This bizarre turn of events meant that both men had their lives saved that day!

Pastor Tim’s selflessness to give his kidney to a man he had only known two weeks also saved his own life!

Watch their powerful video below, and share this heartwarming story with a friend.

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