How A College Student’s Homemade Bumper Sticker Saved A Stranger’s Life.

Brooke Lacey

We all have a choice about the energy we put into the world.


After suffering through the difficulty of the years surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand college student Brooke Lacey finally felt her depression lifting. She was feeling so optimistic about the future that she began to think of others who are fighting their own mental health battles, and she wanted to help.

Brooke sat down and printed up a simple yet uplifting message directed at anyone who happened to see it: “Please don’t take your life today. The world is so much better with you in it. More than you realize, stay.â€

She printed up 600 stickers and put them up in public places like bridges, railroads, and waterways around Wellington. she also put one on the back of her car. She promptly forgot about the signs for months, until she came out of a coffee shop one day to see a note stuck underneath her windshield wiper.

“Your sign saved my life today,” the note read. “I left my house with a plan and asked for a sign, any sign, I was doing the right thing when I saw your car in the parking lot. Thank you.â€

Brooke was stunned, but incredibly grateful that she’d placed the note in the perfect place to help someone. She decided to tweet about the experience, writing, “Sometime this morning on my coffee run someone left this note tucked into my windshield. I had these made so long ago, put one on my car and forgot about them, until now. I am so glad whoever you are chose to stay today. You never know who needs this reminder.â€

Her tweet went viral with thousands of likes and shares!

Brooke chose to send a positive message of support and hope into the world, and it was just what this stranger needed to make the right decision. Think of the impact we could all make in our communities if we project this sort of positive energy and encouragement!

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