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Mama Cat Introduces Newborn Kitten To Her Canine Best Friend And It’s Adorable.

Image shows a cat as she introduces her kitten to a dog.

Watching as a cat introduces her kitten to a dog is amazing. We are so glad the pet owners caught this moment on video. We all know that cats and dogs reportedly don’t get along. However, that does not seem to be true for these two pet best friends. This dog and cat seem to be quite fond of one another. The video opens with a fur pile. We can see a large orange cat’s butt and a tiny orange kitten, and then the cat moves to expose a giant dog.

When the dog sees the little kitten, it gingerly stretches out for a sniff. The mama cat seems to urge caution as she crowds the dog and reaches out a paw. Her actions say, “This is mine, be nice.” The mama cat flumps next to the dog’s head as she relaxes, and the pup continues to sniff the kitten.

A cat introduces kitten to a dog as the three cuddle on a bed.
Image from YouTube.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. We have seen a cat as she lovingly introduced her kitten to a family’s newborn infant. A golden retriever proudly showed off her puppy to kennel visitors as if to say, “Look what I made!” Even stray animals reward us by showing us their babies if they understand that we are protective souls.

While it is essential to introduce new pets to one another, as humans, we should take precautions. Animals have an intuitive awareness of other animals. When this cat introduces her kitten to the dog, she understands how he will react. Humans don’t always have that intuitive knowledge, so please use caution when introducing new pets into your family. Make introductions slowly and monitor each step until you are sure the animals will get along. If you enjoyed this content, please share it with your friends.

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