Dramatic Macaw Performs Stealthy Sneak Attack To Bite Human On The Rear.

macaw holding gate

This macaw is going undercover as a spy to sneak up on her dad! From start to finish, this video is absolutely hilarious.


Shelby the Macaw started up on the child gate, peering carefully down at her subject. Once she honed in on her target, she got to work.

macaw sneaks up on dad
This image is from YouTube.

First, Sneaky Shelby slid down the gate with extreme silence to make her way to the ground. From there, she made big steps in the direction of her dad, who was about to get an uncomfortable surprise!

Once Shelby got close enough, she lunged to bite her parent in the rump. He yipped with pain, and this melodramatic macaw got approval that her sneak attack was perfectly executed!

“This has got to be the funniest video I’ve ever taken of Shelby! The over-exaggerated tiptoeing!” captioned the poster on YouTube.

The YouTube account that posted the clip also put the Pink Panther song over the video, which only added to the brilliance of the moment.

This sneaky macaw should consider becoming an international super spy. Shelby executed this heist with unbelievable precision and intelligence!

Check out this video for yourself below. You’re not going to believe how well this macaw sneaks up on her dad!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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