Stray Mama Cat Thanks Rescuer By Introducing Her To Adorable Kittens.

When a stray cat started showing up in Shea Prior’s backyard every day, Shea couldn’t resist helping her out.


After feeding the sweet feline several times, she built up enough trust to pet, hold, and love on her. That’s when Shea realized her little friend was a proud new mom!


Shea asked to see her beautiful kittens, and the adorable mom delivered! The next day, she came over with her “tail held high.”

This time, Shea said, “She led me over to my shed, and I looked and saw a couple little fluff balls staring back at me. She flopped over on her side and started calling to them to come out and see me.”

Sure enough, five little babies came prancing out to meet their mom’s human friend.


At first, the kittens were timid, aside from the brave little one that came right over to Shea and let her pet him. It took “about 10 to 15 minutes” for the rest of them to follow their brother’s lead, and then Shea showered them with love!

After making this wonderful discovery, Shea took to Facebook to post a birth announcement (like any proud parent would) and asked if anyone was in the market for a kitten. She wanted to make sure each of them found the perfect forever family. Before long, all five were spoken for!


As for their mom, Shea decided to adopt her and named her Cricket. Unfortunately, Shea is out of work due to the novel coronavirus, so she created a GoFundMe to help her pay for Cricket’s vet bill and spay fees.

Her goal was $1,000, but that was quickly exceeded. The remaining money will be donated to a local no-kill animal shelter, where it will help even more pets in need!


Thanks to this act of kindness, six cats have found loving forever homes. Way to go, Shea!

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