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160Lb Bullmastiff Tackles Soldier When He Returns From Basic Training.

When soldiers leave for basic training or long deployments, their dogs remain faithfully behind, gazing out windows and cocking their heads whenever they hear a sound that even hints their owners have returned home.

We’ve brought you lots of videos documenting these happy reunions, but most of the dogs are somewhat standard in size. For a soldier in peak physical shape, it’s not hard to catch a Golden retriever that’s stampeding toward them, or even a little kid. But Jason Floyd really had to dig in his heels when he returned home after a three-month stint in basic training.

Imagine what it’s like when an 18-month-old pup this size has you in his crosshairs:

jaxon face shot

Jason didn’t want to just walk through the door though, because what’d be the fun in that?

“I definitely wanted to do a big deal when he came home and I never expected him to react the way that he did … All day long I’d be like, ‘You’ve got a surprise coming today!'” said Jason’s mom, Lisa, of Greenville, Rhode Island.

There’s no better body language expert than a dog, so even if Jaxon didn’t know exactly what was up, he had to know something was going on. It looks like he’s just gotten up from a nap when he’s called out for the big reveal.


“Jax, are you ready for your surprise? Ready for your surprise?” Lisa asks. “Well, let’s go see it!”

Mom trails along behind him recording as he heads toward the back door, his tail kind of lazily wagging. But the moment he steps out onto the back porch, he catches a whiff of something familiar and follows his nose around the corner of the house.

There he is! My main man!

Jaxon can get to him a lot faster than the other way around and he’s not wasting a second! He zeroes in like a guided missile and nearly tackles his dad, pinning him against the lounge chair before splaying himself – all 160 lbs. of himself – on Dad’s torso. It’s a good thing Jason’s gotten so fit during basic training or that might’ve been the end of him…

bullmastiff and soldier

“It was very heartwarming and loving,” Lisa said of the reunion. “I was grateful to be able to capture that so we can always have that, you know, that moment.”

Check out the full reunion in the video below, and don’t forget to share to thank Jason for his service!

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